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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Do you really want to shop at Target?

Pushing the gay agenda.


Anonymous said...

I called Target just now, but they are closed. If this keeps up I will get rid of their credit card I have and use that I pay off before it is due. I am not as near Walmart, and they use to sell the birthcontrol pill, and possibly another abortifacient at their drug stores at times from what i read several years ago, so I did not do much shopping there. Almost all our companies seem tainted one way or another. and most of the other choices are products from China with its one child policy. Do you know anything about

susan said...

Anonymous, sadly yes, almost all our companies do seem to be tainted in one way or another, BUUUUT, this Target thing is so directly, blatantly, purposely agenda-driven, in-your-face, propaganda push for depravity (and using customer dollars and their company's approval to do it) that I think the wal-mart issue pales in comparison (try to find ANY pharmacy that doesn't offer these drugs...certain pharmacists may refuse, but the pharmacies themselves offer them). Prudential judgment...we are called more-and-more to make these judgments, and it is a matter of degrees at this point in this culture. When a company pushes and backs, by its strident and public advertisement, a perverted and abhorrent moral evil (as did Home Depot also), they simply cannot be supported or patronized by a disciple of Christ.