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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dissident Nuns Live Off the Holiness of their Founders

The weeping and wailing of the dissident nuns is so hypocritical it's astounding. There are wonderful nuns today and faithful orders are thriving - bringing in the bulk (about 80%) of the new vocations. Even the member orders of the Leadership Conference of  Women Religious (LCWR) have holy nuns in their ranks. But, as the Vatican points out, their corporate structure and advocacy positions are a BIG problem. And the fact is that the thriving orders do NOT belong to the worldly and politically correct LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious). No, the good orders left them back in the mid 90s to found the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious(CMSWR), when they got sick of being associated with labyrinths, peace poles, and prayers before abortion. Look at their member orders and you find nuns in habits joyfully embracing their vocation as brides of Christ and servants of the flock. Compare them to the servants of Mother Earth and the goddess Sophia at the LCWR. All you have to do to know which side is the right one is check out who is supporting the LCWR and attacking the Vatican for calling the nuns back to the true faith:
Jim Wallis - Founder of Sojourners, the far left "Christian" magazine that tickles ears. 
Voice of the Faithful - Dissident group that is the softer face of Call to Action-type Catholics who support every "progressive" move to remake the Church according to the world's view where abortion, contraception, homosexuality, etc. are perfectly fine. Researcher Stephanie Block has called VOTF a "Call to Action Trojan horse."  
New York Times - Anything advocated by the New York Times is suspect! 
National Catholic Reporter (also known as the fishwrap) - NCR is the dissident Catholics' mouthpiece. Many of the most radical dissenting nuns and organizations are featured in its pages promoting the leftist agenda including positions in complete violation of Catholic teaching. 
 I could go on, but I've got other things to do. The LCWR is playing the "we are stunned" game. But the reality is they are perfectly aware of their duplicity. And even now they depend on their buddies in the media to join their chorus. You won't see the nuns in habit in their choir loft, however. They left long ago and are busy teaching and serving and respecting the Holy Father instead of lambasting him. God bless those dear sisters and our prayers especially to the nuns in the LCWR who are suffering in silence.


MarieaGrace said...

I really do not know what to say I have been following different blogs and find that there are two different churches here in the Catholic faith. I am considering coming back to the church but I am not sure because I am confused :(I do believe that everyone should have freedom of speech and to be able to decide and debate what they feel is fair and right for them.I am not sure about the Nuns story perhaps you could enlighten me on this more? Thank you! Blessings and Peace!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Mariea Grace,

I am so glad you are thinking of returning to the Church. Please, please come back. But be sure you come to the one, true Church of Jesus Christ and not the church of anything goes. Jesus wasn't crucified because he preached a warm, fuzzy gospel.

There is only one Holy Catholic Church, the one founded by Jesus Christ on the rock of St. Peter. It is the Church dedicated to truth, the same truth that has guided the Holy Bride of Christ for over 2000 years.

But just as there were individuals in the early Church teaching a "different faith" as St. Paul warned, there are men in Roman collars and nuns (mostly not in habits) who want to remake the Church according to the world.

The test of whether a cleric or a nun is true or false is whether they embrace the unchanging teachings of the Church and accept the authority of the Holy Father. If they say that contraception and abortion are okay, that homosexuals have the right to marry or the right to express themselves sexually or deny papal authority, they are false shepherds.

I can't remember who said it, perhaps St. Augustine: "In essential things unity, in unessential things liberty, in all things charity." Catholics MUST believe the essential things -- the ten commandments, the doctrines as proclaimed and taught unceasingly through the ages by the magisterium, those few pronouncements made ex cathedra by the pope like the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception.

People can disagree about other things: the best ways to help the poor or fight abortion, etc. But some things are not up for debate no matter how one feels about them. Abortion is wrong always and everywhere. You cannot murder the innocent - no matter how their lives come into existence. You cannot euthanize the old and sick or kill them by neglect.

If you want to read some good Catholic material the lives of the saints are a great place to start or anything by Peter Kreeft or Fr. John Hardon.

I wish you all the best on your faith journey. I will certainly be praying for you! I'm offering my evening rosary for you.

Anonymous said...

Like the "fishwrap" characterization.


Anonymous said...

Michael Voris certainly can tell it as it ia. I hope they do disband and become secular because they already are. No, actually they are heretical at this point.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

The LCWR actually is a small organization with only 1500 members and the Vatican actions was against them only, not the orders. The superiors who belong to LCWR don't necessarily represent the views of the sisters in those orders. The media makes it sound like they do, but that's nonsense. Ann Carey who wrote the book Sisters in Crisis has received numerous emails from nuns who are delighted over the Vatican action and think it's long overdue.