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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pro-Lifers Protest Sebelius' Georgetown Speech

Kathleen Sebelius talks about spending her whole life in "public service." She serves up death to accommodate her pro-abortion constituents. And in the next installment of her "public service" she'll be deep-sixing religious liberty. Some people just didn't want to hear any more of her hypocrisy. Sadly, like the tickled ears crowd at Notre Dame listening to President Obama, many laughed and applauded for her hypocrisy. May God have mercy on our poor country, the brave new world that "has such people in it."


Anonymous said...

This woman, like some others, sold her soul a long time ago. A Judas she is as the man in the audience called her.

Anonymous said...

We had better pray that the Lord gives her one last chance to save her soul, and that she takes it, but it certainly does not look good for her. She very well might have aready killed her conscience, a correctly formed conscience that is.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I was there. My post, complete with photos and video is at