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Friday, May 11, 2012

Isn't It Interesting....

that the media who have no idea (and apparently no interest) in digging up anything about Barack Obama's education at Harvard or Columbia or anything from his past, have now dug up 50-year-old allegations against Mitt Romney in high school. We are told he was a bad old bully who hated gays although the target in the story is conveniently dead and can't corroborate it.

And the story teller? Guess what...he's an "anonymous" source who can tell you that just everybody in high school thought Romney was an elitist rich kid who hated gays. Convenient timing right after Obama comes out for same-sex marriage.

Hmmm....I wonder if this story-teller is related to Anita Hill who wanted to deep six Clarence Thomas' Supreme Court nomination while hiding in the dark.

Well, we all know the mainstream media would never tell us something that isn't true...except for all the things they tell us that aren't true.

As for the Romney story, I know enough real stuff not to trust the guy. I sure don't need 50-year-old unsubstantiated gossip from an anonymous source to make my judgments. But it's the kind of "research" the media loves so they can carry water for their candidate. I wonder if the "anonymous source" works in the New York Times newsroom or at the Huffington Post.

And here's another take...

Question: Does anybody believe the Washington Post on anything? I buy it occasionally for the Samurai Sudoku on the back of the comics. Come to think of it, the entire paper should be called the liberal comics.

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Ray Schneider said...

When it comes to lying Barack Obama is a champion. He lies about everything. Glenn Beck put a nice video summary together which can be found LINK TO VIDEO

So is it any surprise that the spin factory is trying to come up with some sort of slam against Romney. I'm no Romney fan, but compared to Barack Obama, Romney is a saint.