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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Bullying is Acceptable

Hat tip to Political Brambles

SWATting your political enemies

It's been going on for years. Have a disagreement with your neighbor? Want to get even for something? Call in a false report -- maybe to Child Services to accuse your neighbor of child abuse. But now the liberal left has raised the stakes. You want to harass and intimidate conservatives? Call the cops with false reports of a "shooting." It's even got a name -- "swatting." Think of the possibilities if this catches on as a common tactic. If the liberals are lucky, the cops will shoot their enemies before they realize it was a false report. Like the mom videotaping the birthday party who got shot when the cops invaded the wrong house by mistake, broke down the door, and thought she had a gun. Only this is deliberate harassment and intimidation. But where are the liberals criticizing it? They save all their outrage for the "extremists" on the right.

Well, it's what the liberals wanted - the hope and change brought to us by the Obama administration. Obama's recommendation to "bring a gun to a knife fight" says it all. But when Obama says things like that he gets a pass.  No one accuses him of fomenting violence. Can you imagine the outcry if Ronald Reagan had said it? But this is the "new politics" Obama promised. Remember when he said that during his campaign? The man who was going to bring increased civility to politics has been the most divisive president in history, except possibly Abraham Lincoln.

But you can never hold a liberal to anything because he changes his mind every five minutes to match his new relative position and it will change five minutes later to match the next one. That's liberal land, folks!

For a chilling description of one man's experience with swatting go here and read Hot Air here.

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