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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Would Your Son Look Like Tyrone, Mr. President?

Have you seen this on the national news? Has President Obama called the children of this elderly couple? (The elderly man has since died so Tyrone may face a double murder charge.)  

And here's more fallout from Obama's race war rhetoric:

Wave of black mobs brutalizing whites

Trayvon Martin Case Inspires Black on White Hate Crime in Chicago

White Teenager Doused in Gasoline and Set on Fire by Blacks

Two Blacks Arrested in Brutal Hammer Beating of White Man

Bob Strait survived fighting the Nazis in World War II, but he couldn't defend himself against the monsters of our modern culture. And this is what happens in the culture of death! The greatest predictor of young men growing up to be criminals is being raised in a fatherless home. Before Johnson's Great Society, most black youth (almost 80%) were raised in intact family with a father. Today,  since liberal policies destroyed the black family, over 60% of black youth are born to single moms, often teenagers.  Daniel Patrick Moynihan tried in 1965 to alert the nation to save the black family. His Moynihan Report calling for national action went unheeded. Instead, liberal policies like no-fault divorce are rapidly creating the same tragedy of family disintegration for whites. And the same-sex marriage assault will further destroy the traditional family.

All I can say is pray a lot and raise your children to love and forgive their enemies, because there will be more and more of those in the future unless a miracle of grace transforms this nation. Tyrone Woodfork is to be pitied. God loves the most unlovable among us. He loves the white monsters of the "super race" who Bob Strait fought during WW II and the black monsters roaming our streets today. Their evil brutality repels, but may it also call forth our witness that Jesus Christ transforms. No matter what evil a person has done, he can be forgiven. Some of the greatest monsters have become the greatest saints. May it prove so for Tyrone Woodfork. Somehow, I think Mr. and Mrs. Strait are praying for that outcome for their neighbor.

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