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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Biggest, Greediest Group on the Planet!

If you really want to know who the biggest, richest, and greediest organization on the planet is, don't look for an oil company or a car manufacturer. Just look east to Washington, D.C. at the federal land grab. We hear all the time the government in a constitutional republic works for the people through their elected representatives. But it's pretty clear, under this administration particularly, that Uncle Sam is greedy and selfish and wants to put the unwashed masses in their place which is NOT on "federally owned" land. Check it out here. The Founders were opposed to federal government ownership of land and, in a number of acts, transferred federal land to private use. The Homestead Act, granted 160 acres free to anyone who would live on and develop the property for five years. The founders would be shocked at federal government policies today. Did you know that the federal government "owns" almost 30% of the land, most of it in the west. Almost 85% of Nevada is federally owned and controlled. It is one more abuse of state sovereignty that was sacrosanct when the first colonies joined in a confederation of states for their mutual benefit.

Don't tell me that we need to have FEDERAL protection from the greedy old states. Every state has a system of state parks for the enjoyment of the people. My husband and I mostly stayed at state parks last fall when we spent seven weeks going cross-country. The marshland in the photo was at Indiana Dunes State Park. We don't need the feds removing land from all human use. We have a lot more input at the state level. Subsidiarity is a principle of Catholic teaching. Responsibility should be exercised at the lowest level beginning with the family. The feds have become the tyrannical Big Brother of 1984. But  government is SUPPOSED to work for us, remember?

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