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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Hell Hole Great Britain Has Become

British doctors who refuse to carry out sex-change surgery may be barred from practice

How come the docs have no "freedom to choose?" Aren't we all "pro-choice?" Oh, I forgot, that's a euphemism for abortion. Funny how the only "choices" liberals will let you have are the things they'd like to coerce you to do. So you have no freedom to choose schools (unless you pay twice), no freedom to condemn depravity, no freedom to defend religious liberty without being accused of violating the "separation of church and state," no freedom to allow smoking in your own establishment, no freedom to drive without a seatbelt, no freedom to know whether you're consuming genetically modified frankenfood, etc. Ever get the idea that "freedom to choose" is just a slogan of manipulation?

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Anita Moore said...

So doctors are to be driven out of the profession for refusing to do -- the impossible.

Yes, folks, hate to break the news, but: you cannot change your sex. If you're a male, all the hormones and all the procedures in the world are not going to delete all those Y-chromosomes that reside in each and every cell of your body. If you're female, all the hormones and all the procedures in the world are not going to plant that missing Y-chromosome.

So, once again: you cannot change your sex. All you can do is irreparably mutilate yourself and set yourself on the road to hopeless chaos.