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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Made Me Sad

What a waste! One honorable young man dies in our country's unnecessary involvement in Iraq where we don't belong. The other, a dishonest young man thumbing his nose at the world, is killed in an unnecessary fight with a neighborhood watch volunteer. Pray for the repose of both their souls. 

And pray that our country commits to strengthening the family. It's pretty clear the difference between these two young men. Jaron Holliday grew up in an intact family with a mom and dad and lots of siblings. Trayvon Martin was the troubled child of divorce who was visiting the home of his dad's girlfriend when the shooting occurred. These days we rarely hear any defense of the intact nuclear family, but the greatest predictor of a kid staying out of trouble is having both a dad and mom in the home. Studies show that kids do best in an intact family. The most constructive thing government can do for kids is to develop policies that promote families staying together. 


Anita said...

Unfortunately the government makes it too easy for people not to get married. I personally know young women with children who say they can't "afford" to get married because of all the benefits they would lose. Things like food stamps, free and reduced housing, Earned Income Credit, student grants, would all be reduced or eliminated once there are two household incomes. It's a sad commentary on our society.

Anonymous said...

When will some parents stop being so selfish and think only of themselves -- their happiness, their sexual freedom and "rights", their their their. Children have a great deal of difficulty honoring parents who break up then live constantly with their partners, often more than one. Children instinctively know there is something wrong with dad or mom shacking up.

Anonymous said...

And, "yes," the fine young man should not have been in Iraq. We should stop relying on foreign oil and get the hell out of those Muslim countries. They do not want us there, and our families do not want our children and grandchildren there.

ThyGeekGoddess said...

Treyvon was my cousin. This is a HORRIBLY inaccurate assessment.

Google DAN SEALS, who ran for 10th district and was called, "Little Obama".
Why wasn't our cousin elected in the 10th district? Because retirees and wealthy were too selfish to want wind turbines blocking up their golf courses.

I've met President Obama and thanked him from the family that he endorsed Dan so wholeheartedly.

Because of these bigotries, I was not there to warn Trevon to use his talents in another way. At LEAST I could have given him an option of how he could have used his wonderful talents to entertain the troops or something.

Why? Because I joined the service after having NO OTHER OPTION after reagan taxed my dead mother and took Loyola away from me. That's where I wanted to meet my match and marry in that music and respect my true gifts.
But no, after far too long, by my watch, I joined during peace time.
And years later on the way back from Miami where we visited one last time before the baby came on 2/27/91, some ASSHAT BARNEY pulled me over for going UNDER the limit! On I-95 at o-dark-thirty, I was pulled over by one of those cops who FED on military personnel in more ways than traffic stops.
There are things you should be SAD about, but President Obama's saying Trevon could have been a son he never had....why the hell not! There for the grace of GOD go I because we integrated LEVITTOWN in 1964! GET OVER YOURSELVES, but do NOT go where you have no business. I saw a picture of Trevon working on aircraft. I was an aviation anti-submarine warfare technician. But guess what that POS cop saw when he pulled me over? A woman in her 3rd trimester with her husband sleeping in the car. To his dissapointment, he could not ticket me, rape me, beat me or all the other things NAS JAX warned us could happen if we didn't gas up BEFORE AND AFTER the place where Sanford exits I-95.
Because I lived in Miami...NMB as well.. I know the environment that bigot didn't like. Yes, a bigot! I don't care what he calls himself, but IGNORANCE confirmed. want to blame the POTUS for something YOU need to get a handle on.

After my legacy was built so strong, I was sold out by the corporate plantation with 10s of 1000s of not a lot of black folks. So here's what you can do for my sweet cousin, Jaron.
BACK THE PRESIDENT! He is our friend and we would have loved Trevon as one of our own. He had a future! Zimmerman is the IGNORANT PAST!
And so is this POS about my cousin who would NOT have given his life for people like YOU!
He and our ancestors fought for EACH OTHER and those we loved...Irish, Black, and Native. You kill us with this ignorance and bring on too much ugliness with it....with NO UNDERSTANDING of the real problem at hand.
And if you wonder why I'm this bold about it...I've always been so to the face of the man who put it here and no, the only thing you'll find is his obituary after suffering a long death from a PREVENTABLE cancer! Do NOT presume you know a thing about Trevon if you don't know the racial tensions in South Florida...and where it comes from.
I found this looking for nice thoughts about my cousin to add to our Blackwell Hall of fame. This is not it...or anything a lovely kid like him would endorse. He knew how fortunate he was, but would NOT hate our own who have fallen under this kind of BS!
Consider what mentality I had to deal with, growing up in Levittown! Here's why they were afraid of us.
If you can't understand the President of the United States, a guy like any other we'd have on our BBQ list...too bad! BE SMARTER!

ThyGeekGoddess said...

President Obama KNOWS our family already!
Dan Seals for Congress'08=Little Obama, 10th District,IL!
They chose a Bush clone and now Kirk is a flipping senator! Good job!

And Danny Seals is, in fact Jaron's cousin!
President Obama didn't know that but he saw what WE saw, when he said it. I had the pleasure of THANKING the POTUS when he came to meet some veterans like me...disabled, outsource because of selfish IGNORANT people who won't employ a challenge.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm a little puzzled. First you said Trayvon was your cousin, then Jaron was your cousin. Was that a typo or are you speaking metaphorically?

I'm afraid I can't share your enthusiasm for the president. And he is not a friend to black families, especially black babies in the womb. He gives millions in federal money to Planned Parenthood which makes more millions by setting up abortion mills in minority areas and killing their babies. Blacks represent 13 percent of the population, they have almost 40 percent of the abortions.

The president is the friend of rich influential black democrats. He is no friend of poor blacks in the inner cities.