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Friday, May 18, 2012

Fr. Norman Weslin, Champion of the Unborn

Back in April I blogged about one of my heroes, Fr. Norman Weslin. Father went home to Jesus and his beloved "Twelve Star General," Mary Immaculate, on Wednesday. No one who ever met Father could forget him. He had an infectious enthusiasm and a single-hearted commitment to the unborn babies. He defended them throughout his entire priesthood, spending (God only knows how much) time in jail following numerous arrests. His last arrest was praying at Our Lady's university in reparation for the abomination of their honoring the most pro-abortion politician in U.S. history. Seeing this holy, elderly priest handcuffed and carted away by police while Fr. Jenkins tickled the ears of the political elite gave a stark picture contrasting those who follow Jesus with the modern day pharisees.

I'm confident we have a prayer warrior in heaven pleading with Mary for all those in her pro-life army who continue to fight not only for the unborn, but for the Catholic faith.

Our Lady help of Christians, pray for us.   See more here. 

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