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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What if Zimmerman Walks Free?

Pat Buchanan predicts a firestorm like the one that engulfed California after the acquittal of the LAPD officers who arrested Rodney King. Interestingly, both cases involved media editing materials (video in the King case, audio in the Zimmerman case) to make the accused look guilty. The feeding frenzy in the Zimmerman case makes it look impossible for him to get a fair trial. But all the evidence released int he media so far is consistent with Zimmerman's account the night of the incident. But does anybody care about truth these days? It is convenient for one man to be sacrificed to political correctness and, if Obama is lucky, the trial will take place before the election, Zimmerman will get off, race riots will ensue, and Obama can declare martial law. But that seems a remote possibility and fodder for conspiracy theorists. It is likely to be bad enough without that. And 2050 whites in this country will be in the minority. Remember Rwanda? At least everybody was the same color which made it somewhat possible to blend in. As for Obama - our first black president sure hasn't done anything to defuse racial tensions. His motto, "home and change" should have been "hope and chains."

We should have elected Rodney King. His motto was "Can't we all just get along?" Let's pray for that and, as Christians, let's pray that we can forgive our enemies. It seems like there are a lot more of them since Obama took office and started fanning the flames of racial division. But we aren't the only ones. 93% of black murders are committed by black assailants, much of it during drug battles as illustrated in the video below. What times we live in! Pray for the kids. Like some of the men in the interview say -- it's the breakdown of the family. Amen to that!


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann, this video did not come through. The screen is totally black with nothing with which to start it.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Try this. Funny, it works for me.

Anonymous said...

The hhtp link worked for me, Mary Anne. What is so sad about all this is that many people of all races who do not use drugs avoid cities like this one because of all the shootings, and the decent businesses there with decent jobs for the locals lose out and so do the people who want to do what is right. The gangs keep away the customers for good businesses that give good jobs to the locals. It seems, too, that the Arabs in the area are just using the local black people and keeping them in this trap by using their stores for selling drugs, all mostly with the desire to sell to whites, quite frankly in their hope to destroy us. Anyone who sells illegal drugs to anyone cannot really have their good in mind as you well know. What a dirty, evil business it all is, and they want to legalize marijuana in some states, which will only make it easier to get. Hollands a mess in some areas too.