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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Poor Blessed Mother - Will Mary's Land Reject Real Marriage?

Will Maryland go for "gay marriage?"

And did you read about the church in Massachusetts that got picketed and threatened for being so "intolerant" as to post a message that read, "Two men are friends, not spouses?" Massachusetts and Maryland, the Catholic states (in the beginning), are now among the worst in the nation when it comes to jumping on the bandwagon of the sexual libertines. May God bless the pastor and people of St. Francis Xavier. Their patron, one recalls, died a martyr's death. St. Francis Xavier, pray for us.


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail right on the head with the two words "sexual libertines". In the end they destroy each other as has happened in San Francisco, and many other places. God is never mocked.

Anonymous said...

This happens quite alot in California. They first did it to the Protestant churches in San Francisco who were against same-sex marriage, etc. They have pretty much taken over one of the Catholic churches in San Francisco after the STDs epedemic. Several Catholic chuches have been vandalized as much as three times in other areas. One such vandalization happened right after the church had prayer reponses for marriage between one man and one woman. It could have been a coincedence, but I doubt it. Still they have not caught on that God is never mocked. There is one Catholic church that is faithful to the Magisterium that is never bothered, but it is well protected twenty-four hours of the day. Also, there are Protestant churches that speak out that have not been attacked, but some Christian bookstores have been. I suspect some of that might have been because some did not like the content of the books. I do not know. Some Mormon buildings were damaged, too, right after the success of Prop 8, the traditional marriage proppostion. We need to let people know so people do not get away with such terriosts tactics to get what they want. Never-the-less, in the end sin brings with it its own punishment.