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Monday, May 21, 2012

Poor, poor abortionists...proposed law makes them seem "callous"

Abortionist says banning late term abortions in the District of Columbia because babies feel pain would "conflate abortion with murder" and create a situation where abortion providers appear "callous."


Poor upset because the law would link abortion with a situation that causes "moral outrage." Wouldn't that be a switch? And isn't it about time that it did? If I ripped apart a cat the way abortionists rip up babies, I'd be in jail. If I smashed a turtle egg on a protected beach, I'd be in jail. If I climbed up a tree and pitched an eagle's egg out of the nest, I'd be in jail. If I dropped a dog in a vat of acid and burned off his skin, I'd be in jail.

How come the worst atrocities, that would never be tolerated if done to animals, are allowed to be done to babies?

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