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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Romney Comes Out for Homosexual Adoption

Despite the vast body of data that shows that pedophilia is almost exclusively male and the one third of sex crimes are committed against boys by homosexuals who represent 1-3% of the population, is homosexual adoption prudent and good? Take a look at the data. One more strike against Romney. Why vote for Obama lite?


Anonymous said...

Our society has become just crazy and unglued. What will be next? I hate to think of it or mention it because some deranged or totally misguided person will surely do it, suggest we do it or approve of it.

Phil said...

Well, the same people that gave us McCain in 2008 think that they will get me to vote for Romney? No way! It is called progressivism under the guise of big tent Republicanism. I do not want to buy.


Anonymous said...

One look at the Newsweek cover this coming week and I am voting for Romney! No more secular Messiah for me.