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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Donald Trump Just Did Himself In! No, Don, Abortion is NOT a "Small Part" of What PP Does

Donald Trump Defends Planned Parenthood!

Donald Trump just did himself in with a large segment of potential voters like me -- pro-life conservatives.
I've been defending him, but this massive stupidity is too much to swallow. No, sir, abortion (and selling baby body parts) is the greatest part of PP's income (aside from stealing from taxpayers). They provide NO services to women that aren't provided by local health clinics who often do it more cheaply. Call up your local PP and find out what they charge for a pap smear and a mammogram. Oops, I forgot, they don't do mammograms. They just lie about it. They also enable statutory rape and child sex trafficking. So what exactly are the great ways they "service women," Mr. Trump?

As for the sham that abortion is only a "small part" of their business, they play that shell game by counting every appointment, every phone call, every birth control prescription, etc. as a separate item of business. If you break things down by abortion income compared to total "clinic" income, you get a more realistic picture. In 2012 51% of PP's income came from abortion. According to a 2014 report from STOPP, some affiliates in California get 86% of their income from abortion. Not too surprising when you consider that PP performs over a third of the abortions in the U.S. That's a lot of moola, especially when, after you kill the kids, you sell their bodies piece by piece for $75 to $100 a part.

Sorry, Donald, I've given you the benefit of the doubt on your pro-life "conversion," but it looks now like one more mask from the political costume closet. Anybody who supports the monsters at Planned Parenthood (and I do mean monsters after watching the videos from the Center for Medical Progress), should not get a single vote from a pro-life citizen!


  1. My friend. Trump is a populist. If my grandfather was still alive he'd recognize Trump as another Huey Long promising a chicken in every pot. Trump would make as bad a President as Long would have. God spared us from that disaster.

    Is there a man or women of virtue? I don't know. I personally like Cruz and Fiorina. But, whether they are worthy? In God's own time we'll know.

    Hilary? Bernie Sanders? I never thought in a million years that someone of Obama's character could be elected president. I was wrong twice. I think this country has gone over the edge and there will be a terrible terrible punishment for the on going sins of her people.

  2. I fear you're right. And the next president will begin his term in the 100th anniversary year of Fatima. An appropriate time for punishment, eh?

  3. Trumps position probably isn't much different than most other prolife Republicans, even the Catholic ones. Paul Ryan, supposedly a devout prolife Catholic, got his budget bill passed in the House and it included the full funding for Planned Parenthood. If you are looking for a true commitment to the prolife cause, you will never find it in the Republican Party.

  4. I once though Alan Keyes was pr life, that is until I met the wife of a Republican alleged pro life Senator. She filled me in both her "pro life platformed" adulterous husband's activities and her first hand opinion of Keyes. Now I understand that the abortion issue , like the clerical sex abuse crisis in the Church, will be fixed by God alone.
    As far as Trump is concerned, I do not think the pro life issue was a big deal in his Protestant denominational formation and the same can be said for many Catholics who, through no fault of their own, never heard about it from the pulpit in their parishes either. The responsibility (as with the clerical pederast recidivism) rests on the mitered heads of the Bishops.
    Personally, I like Mr Trump. He isn't owned by lobbyists and he certainly isn't running for the paycheck and the high life. He already has that and on public policies, he has been saying what most of us say in the privacy of our own homes.
    He is right when he says the topics being discussed would not be part of the debates if he did not make them vocal issues in the first place. Good for him.

  5. His ignorance is galling.

    Shouldn't we all be supporting Marco Rubio? He is pro-life, from conception to natural death, no exceptions for rape/incest/genetic "defects". And he knows how to argue the case. CNN tried to paint him as a flip-flopper because he voted for a pro-life law that carved out these exceptions. He patiently explained that voting for a BAN on abortions after 20 weeks does not mean that you support the right to abortion at 19 weeks. Then they got into a debate over when life begins.

    The other good thing about Rubio is that he is very well positioned to beat Hillary Clinton.

  6. From California

    From what I read, Rubio said that he would go to a same-sex "marriage" if it were that of a relative, so he is not fully Christian either. To go to one is as much as endorsing what they are doing, which is a dangerous, unhealthy and unnatural lifestyle.