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Monday, December 28, 2015

Feast of the Holy Innocents: The Old Herod and the New -- Boycott Nestle!

Flavorings developed
using aborted babies.
Herod "the Great," so called because of all his ambitious building projects, was a mass murderer. He killed his own family members, many of the Jewish rabbis and, of course, the Holy Innocents we commemorate today. Herod would do anything to protect his reign as King of Judea. So when he heard from the magi that the "king of the Jews" was born, he immediately planned the murder of the baby. Imagine his rage when he realized the magi had disobeyed him and left without making their report about the child's whereabouts. And so he gave his murderous order. Kill all the babies under two years old.

But one thing Herod did NOT do: he never ordered the babies to be brought back and served at the royal table.
That foul atrocity was left to our modern Herods who use aborted infants' cell lines to create food flavorings. If you use Nestle coffee creamers you are consuming flavors developed from experiments using aborted babies. Nestles makes its customers one step from cannibals and most of them have no idea. Other companies that have used food flavorings developed from aborted babies are Pepsico and Kraft, but they stopped several years ago.

Check out the current boycott list and read this article about the horrifying practice. The Food and Drug Administration allows these companies to list the ingredients as "artificial" or even "natural" flavors. So unbeknownst to the consumer, he buys products that feed off the business of baby killing.

It's hard to see how our society is any less evil than the one where the murderous Herod thrived. How many abortionists and their staffers and killer chemists and their drug panderers live in our neighborhoods masquerading as pillars of the community? They make their livings off the serial killing of babies in the womb. How many body parts sold by Planned Parenthood went into research to develop flavorings and drugs?

On this Feast of the Holy Innocents let us invoke the little ones to intercede for those tottering on the brink of hell. And let us sacrifice in reparation for their atrocities. Jesus died for all and His Sacred Heart longs for the salvation of even the bloodiest and most hardened sinners. Every time you make an act of penance, repeat the Fatima prayer, "Lord, it is for love of you, for the conversion of poor sinners, and in atonement for sins against the Immaculate of Mary." Prayer can change hearts and change the world. Let us pray it changes practices in the food industry.


newguy40 said...

Thanks for the info. It's relatively easy to stop buying products from these companies. But, what about investments?

2015 was a year where I struggled with better understanding my investments. So many companies are involved with sinful activities. Starting with the biotechs and healthcare companies that are involved with creating and selling birth control and abortificents -- not to mention other more speculative sciences. My 401k, mutual funds and ETF's are just rife with these companies. The same situation with companies that support homosex. Heck, I gave up watching my SF Giants for that very reason but have mutual funds with AMZN and AAPL.

I spent alot of time trying to understand my levels of cooperation with evil when investing in these companies. I thought this would be an area of great interest for Catholics and that I'd find alot of information on the internet that would help me. But, there really isn't much. I am sorry to say that I don't believe my current pastor is someone I could get real help from either.

For others concerned in this regard, reading company annual share holder reports as well as finding the companies that make up your 401k might open other folks eyes as to how interwoven these companies are and how hidden they may be.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

A spiritual director I had years ago said one of the sins of Israel was societal involvement in evil things. We never had any money to invest until my mom left us some when she died. We invested with Merrill Lynch but said we didn't want any money in pharmaceuticals for exactly the reasons you mention. But I'm sure there must be money in other objectionable stuff. Maybe that's one of the reasons it's hard for the "rich man" to get into heaven.

Bernie said...

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