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Saturday, December 26, 2015

My First Nomination for the 2015 Darwin Awards

Man 'walks off cliff and plummets 60 feet to his death on Christmas Day while distracted by his cell phone'

Let this be a lesson to all you folks who never put your cell phone down. I dedicate this silly poem to you: 

Cell Phone Advice 

That Sam I Am, that Sam I Am
I do not like that Sam I Am.
His cell phone is his favorite friend
No time with real friends to spend.
So here's a message to you all
Watch out for that last fatal call. 
And...put away your cell phone quick
Before it makes you dead or sick.

Do not use it near a cliff,
Do not use it and weight lift,
Do not use it in the pool,
Do not use it near a bull,
Do not use it while you ski,
Do not use it working bees,
Do not use it while you drive
If you want to stay alive. 
And if you want a happy day,
Put your d*** cell phone away.


  1. This is a gem. First nom. for the 2015 Darwin awards! Oh my, I've got tears and will not be able to wipe the smile off my face today. The poem really hits the bullseye. How numb from reality must one be to fatally fall off a cliff because they are fully fixed on their cell phone? I checked out your link to the article...they are calling this person a victim. Of what? Too much lack of common sense in the state of California and much of the world today.
    Thanks for all you've blogged this 2015! May God bless you, your husband and your entire family this Christmastide and new year!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind wishes. And the same back to you and your loved ones. And let's pray for all those who die as "victims" of stupidity.