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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

From the Loony Left Coast Comes this Insane Washington Law

Men who identify as women MUST be allowed to use women's restrooms and locker room facilities.

The Washington State Human Rights Commission says it's about "equality." One is tempted to respond with profanity.

I have some questions about human rights:

  • what about the rights of children not to be exposed to stranger danger. It used to be against the law to flash your male anatomy to children (or even adults). Now, pedophiles and perverts can just claim to identify as females and hang out in the locker room and get their jollies terrorizing kids. I wonder how moms will feel at the swimming pool letting their young daughters go into the bathroom without an escort? 
  • What about the famous "right to privacy?" Does an anatomical male really have the right to use the group shower with women and young girls? What about the indecent exposure laws? Are they now overruled by a guy's feelings?
  • What about objective truth? Are we now going to teach all children that their are five or fifteen or thirty "genders" vs. the biological fact that one is born either male or female? Will doctors deny that a man has prostate cancer if he identifies as a woman and send him to an ob/gyn for treatment?
  • Will the insanity wards be filled with the intolerant who insist that biology overrules feelings?

At some point the culture is going to rise up against what is clear insanity. I can't believe that even liberal moms and dads won't be horrified if they actually see their little daughters exposed to nude men undressing in front of them in the women's locker room. If dads aren't horrified, there is something seriously wrong with them! Because it is child abuse pure and simple.

But maybe I'm just naive and most people have drained the kool-aid punch bowl and now nod like bobble head dolls over every new insanity devised by the sick culture. I hate to think that might be true, but I will watch developments. I suspect that many companies will go to individual restrooms, but that will not solve the problem of the locker rooms with shower facilities.

But the big question is -- How will the ladies feel when they don't lift the seat and leave little gifts behind?

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