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Monday, December 14, 2015

Islam is a Religion of War against the Infidel -- Conversion is the Answer!

Pray for the conversion of those who are committed to a religion of hate and subjugation.
We need to stop the massive invasion of this country by those who believe killing Christians and Jews is a virtue. Terrorism is the inevitable result of a policy that welcomes invaders with open arms. Our government leaders are making us a less unified and a more unsafe country. The FBI does not have the means to vet all the Muslims coming into the country.

The aim of Islam is to establish a caliphate here in the United States and everywhere else on earth. They are well on the way to transforming Europe to Eurabia. Taking over the world for Allah is the same goal Islam has had since time immemorial. It's why Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Moors from Spain. It's why Pope St. Pius V created the Holy League that won the Battle of Lepanto and prevented Islam from overrunning Europe. It explains the mass murder of the Christian Armenians in 1915 by the Turks. But we are a people ignorant of history and, thus, are condemned to repeat it.

We should never hate another human being. Neither, however, should we be so naive as to believe that a religion dedicated to the annihilation of Christians and Jews is a "religion of peace." Islam is not just a religion. It is a political system (like Communism) that is at war with our values. No country has the obligation to commit suicide. The first obligation of our civil leaders is to unify and protect the country. They are not doing that and we are reaping the violent results.


  1. From California,

    Yes, conversion IS the answer.

    I am glad you posted this. I am a protestant convert to the Catholic Church who has had nothing but miracles in my life. The hand of God has been upon me since childhood gently leading me on as Cardinal Newman wrote in "Lead Kindly Light".

    God truly writes straight with crooked lines such as by using a Protestant Bible to convert the Jewish Cardinal, Jean Marie Lustiger, to the Catholic Church, or by converting Rosalind (Mother Mariam) Ross and her brother to the Church, first through the Jews for Jesus Christians and then on to the fullness of truth.

    I know you have read about the men who say they are ex Muslims who are harassing Catholics in their churches in Las Vegas. Please pray that they truly accept Jesus Christ as Lord and God and eventually understand the teachings of the Church fully and why Catholics use statues. Some say they are lying, but they could just be very confused as the Virgin Mary is their mother, too, and God is their father if they just come to understand it all more fully.

  2. This was interesting

  3. From California,

    Anonymous on Dec.15 at 1:33a.m., thank you for the link, but I seem unable to pull up that news article right now. Our computer is very slow, and we need to replace it when we can.

    Nevertheless, I recommend to all a video on The Association of Hebrew Catholics" website featuring Roy Schoeman. Roy Schoeman is a Jewish convert to the Catholic Church. The video is entitled "Attitude of the Catholic Church toward the Jews from St. Paul to Pope Francis".

    Roy does mention that the early Catholic saints and the Church were angry with the Jewish people, and he does not seem to know exactly why. I think it was because some of the Jewish people, right after the Lord was crucified, turned the Jewish Christians and other Christians over to the Roman authorities and many were tortured and crucified by the Romans. This caused animosity toward the Jewish people among the Christian commuity. As time have passed both Jews and Christians realize now out common heritage, and how much we really need each other. Anyway, please watch the whole video; it is great.