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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ex-Muslim Woman Urges Others to Learn the Evil in the Koran

Please, don't repeat the propaganda. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. How many Muslims, like the woman in the video, have NO IDEA who Mohammad was and what evils he promoted in the name of Allah?


  1. From California,

    I agree with everything this woman says. I read the Koran a long time before 9/11, and Mohammed thought women were just things to be used for men's lusts. He got engaged to Aisha when she was about three, and married and consummated the "marriage" with her around the time she was ten years old -- just a child still playing with dolls. Jewish and Christian woman were married around fourteen at that time because of shorter life spans.

    The Hadiths also record that he talked one of relatives -- I think his adoptive son -- into giving him his beautiful wife by telling him it was Allah's will. The poor guy probably gave up his wife because he felt indebted to Mohammed or was afraid he would kill him.

    As far as I am concerned, Mohammed was a horrid man. I cringe every time I hear the name and find it hard to respect anyone who would think this man was good. His concept of heaven is nothing but a house of ill repute.

  2. From California,

    I should give the benefit of the doubt to Muslims who have never read the Koran, but it is hard to believe that they do not know some of the bad things he advocated if they have ever lived in a society where there was Shariah Law.

    There is a store clerk in my area whom I think might be Muslim, and he seems like a very nice person. On the other hand, One young teen was in a carpool with students, and the father of the Muslim student put his hand on her knee when driving them and upset her, so one really needs to be careful.