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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Cover Up in New York: Is Cdl. Dolan Being Blackmailed?

Frankly, I want to thank the Catholic families who are bringing the lawsuit against the Archdiocese of New York. A priest friend of mine from California told me several years ago about a conversation he had with a U.S. financial adviser to the Vatican who told him the next major scandal would be about misuse of Church funds.

It's likely that Fr. Peter Miqueli's million dollar embezzlement is just the tip of the spear penetrating the scandal about how immoral clergy steal parishioners' donations to finance their sinful lifestyles. I expect the amount of money used to let the homosexual cabal live in the lap of luxury is in the billions.

Voris has another video out today, Damage Control Time. Nothing shocks me any more, but this certainly explains why Cardinal Dolan has been so willing to go along with the homosexualization of the Archdiocese of New York.

I also suggest a look see at the parishioners' website and pray for all involved. We are living in difficult and challenging times.

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  1. YES, I was chastised in front of our entire mission parish by the Bishop after I complained in writing to him about our hx cross dressing priest pastor denying the Real Presence in his Easter Homily.
    A year later I met the main parish accountant who told me the same priest cleaned out all the Church bank accounts, stole the rectory furnishings that were very expensive and purchased by the previous hx pastor and left over a years worth of unpaid utility bills. Private parishioners had to write the checks because the Church checks were not being accepted anymore by the Utility Companies.
    "Why did't you report him and bring charges?" ,I asked.
    "Well, because he is a priest." was the limp answer.

  2. This is so shameful what Cardinal Dolan has done to those faithful Catholics in New York City!

  3. I am afraid Cardinal Dolan is only concerned about himself and his access to the chair of Peter as next Bishop of Rome. He's getting bored and distracted waiting for Francis to croak.