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Friday, December 11, 2015

Trump: the "Darth Trump" and "Voldemort" of Politics?

"Heeeere's Donald!" Are you scared yet?
I have to laugh over the absolute mouth-foaming rhetoric coming out of some leftists about Donald Trump. Harry Potter author Rawlings called him "worse than Voldemart!" Ooooooo! That really makes me scared, but I'm just a dumb muggle after all. What do I know? Then there's actor Adam Baldwin tweeting that he's "Darth Trump." In fact that's become a standing joke. There's even a Star Wars video where they dub in Trump talking in place of Vader's lines. Sounds like free publicity to me. But are you hiding under the bed yet?

Fr. Longenecker got into the debate asking if you would buy a car from this guy and pointing out his less than stellar family life. That actually has me scratching my head and asking, "Who am I to judge?"

I'm currently reading the November issue of Chronicles with a picture of Trump on the front cover with the question, "A Man for Middle America?" Well, I find it hard to think of someone worth $10 BILLION DOLLARS being a middle American. But he probably pays the salaries of a lot of middle Americans. As for his "bombast," a lot of it sounds eminently sensible. I don't think he's a warmonger like so many of his Republican brethren and he's about as far from politically correct as a man can get. And THAT is a definite plus! And he says some things that sound...well...I have to call it like I see it...downright statesmanlike as here:
A nation without boundaries is not a nation...A nation without laws is not a nation...a nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation.
 Sounds like St. Thomas Aquinas to me who said that, for the good of a nation, immigration must be proportional and must have two outcomes, unity and the common good. In other words, immigrants need to have the goal of assimilating and embracing the values of their new home. If they don't, they are not an assest, but a liability. Look at Europe with no-go zones and areas where Sharia Law rules. A nation has the right, no the duty, to manage immigration for the good of her people.

The disproportional invasion we are experiencing at present is both destroying the unity of our country and threatening the common good as the victims of terrorism and crime are fully aware. No matter what the bishops say, and none of them would operate the boundaries of their own chanceries and cathedrals as they recommend for the country, we are experiencing dysfunction and destruction of our nation through illegal invasion.

As for Donald Trump, he seems to me no more of a narcissistic clown than the one in office at present. And I doubt if Trump would do nearly as much damage as has been inflicted on us by Obama's monarchical style of government by executive order. While Trump's enemies like to paint him as a total fool, I just don't believe it. Chronicles writer Roger McGrath described a dinner he attended and his impressions of Donald Trump:
When it came time for him to speak, he took control of the room immediately....He spoke clearly, directly, and extemporaneously...His bold, brash, and aggressive style has probably led many people to underestimate his intellect. Do so at your own peril. The guy is far sharper and far quicker, and has a far greater appreciation of the issues, than the left or the Republican Party bosses would like you to believe....Most importantly, throughout his talk to the FOA (Friends of Abe), Trump, again and again, addressed issues that the Republican establishment has been afraid to mention -- the very issues that the Republican base has pleaded, again and again, to be brought to the fore. Moreover, he didn't pull his punches. His candor, clear grasp of the issues, truth telling, and political incorrectness were not just refreshing but inspiring....I can see why people are willing to forgive him for whatever character flaws he may have or whatever transgressions he may have committed. Finally -- finally! -- there is a Republican candidate who cares nothing for the the sensibilities of the left or the media and delivers two or three blows for every one he takes. All I can say to The Donald is, keep punching. 
The entire Chronicles issue is worth reading to get a more balanced portrait of Trump than the one being scribbled by the NY Times, the Washington Post, Huffpo, the left, and the Republican wimps. So I refuse to join the knee jerk, bash Trump crowd. I find him intriguing and, as Justin Raimondo (another Chronicles writer) said, a "stark contrast to the rest of the Republican pack, which can't wait to reignite the Cold War." If nothing else, Trump has given me a reason to pay attention to politics again. I wish him well and I don't apologize for it. He seems to me to be a man who loves his country despite his flaws. I can't say that about most politicians who seem to go to Washington to get wealth and power and the country be damned. Trump is already as rich as Croesus so that is certainly not his agenda.


  1. J. K. Rowling ought to look at herself and stop meddling in US affairs.

  2. From California,

    And after the San Bernardino massacre, Jackie Speier wants us all to disarm, line up and let them shoot or behead us all. Talk about stupid! She could not even save the country from good, old Rev Jim Jones.


  3. They are all attacking him for saying he wants to halt Muslim immigration until we can figure out what is happening and take a good look what is going on in the mosques.......But no one s reporting the raids on three Mosques by the French that produced the large cache of weapons, ammunition and Isis propaganda. Or for that matter that France wants to close over a hundred mosques. That Egypt closed 2700 and that both Tunisia and Camaroon did the same.

    They keep saying Trump is "bombastic"in his rhetoric when he says our leaders are stupid and other nations do not respect us ......Take a look what they think of Obama in Egypt.

    Trump was also proven right by old CBS coverage after 9/11 when he said Muslims in Jersey City were cheering after 9/11.
    Last night on CNN a reporter commented that Trump has access to a lot of News stories...Are we to believe CNN doesn't?

  4. That was an excellent blog. I like that you mentioned he is not a war monger like Cruz and Rubio who are beholden to the Israeli Lobby with its Evangelicals who are dispensationalists. I recommend watching the full Trump interview on Morning Joe, December 8th on YouTube. He sure can handle the mainstream media people. What people need to understand is that Islam is not just a "live and let live"religion. It's adherents, by definition, seek to control the State. If Trump said we should ban people whose creed is to overthrow the State and the Constitution would it make any difference?

  5. Longenecker's vitriolic hissy fit was something to behold. He should be laicized, as should the bishop who was idiotic enough to ordain him.

    Take a good look at who Trump is ticking off: liberals/"progressives" whatever euphemism they're hiding behind, mainstream republicans (basically democrats wearing a different color uni), PC slaves in the media...

    The more Trump succeeds the more he is changing the diseased paradigm and that's a GOOD thing.

  6. The Catholic bishops--at least the only ones we ever hear from--are mindless, brainless, spineless, knee-jerk Marxist statists. They want Open Borders, and they want government money--about $87 million last year--for "serving" the illegal aliens. They studiously ignore the 25 Americans killed daily by illegal aliens, and the children killed or crippled by viruses brought into their classrooms by illegal aliens. They ignore the fact that immigrants vote 80% pro-abortion.

  7. I voting for Carly. She has a brain!

  8. You are smarter than the rest. You can see that however much he's hated, it's not for the "right" reasons.

  9. Mary Ann, I admire you so much.
    As my late husband John Lewis Smith III would say, " You are a clean thinker !".

  10. Thanks Missy, I just hope I think with the mind of a real Catholic in the heart of the Church founded by Jesus Christ rather than faux church imagined by those who want to create Christ and His Church in their own image and likeness.

    I was so sorry to miss you at the meeting. It's been too long, my friend.

  11. Fr. Longenecker worries me and has worried me for some time. I wish that he had not been ordained.

  12. Right on, Mary Ann! Thanks for this post. God bless you.

  13. Carly is smart?

    She sure looked smart in the last debate with her red power suit and large cross pendant to appeal to the evangelicals! We especially enjoyed her super tightened face that prevented her every ability to smile. we laughed while both moderator and audience tried to stop her screed while someone else was talking. the audience was screaming ,"Shut UP"!
    But BEST OF ALL is his former IT corpses who have hijacked her website which Technoo savvy ( her own fake bragadocia ) Carly forgot to register!!!
    Her former techno capable minions who lost their jobs, thanks to her axing them discovered her stupidity ( which they already knew when she first came on as CEO)!