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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Democrats Really are Sickos as They Rejoice over Scalia's Sudden Death

I don't wish anyone ill...except for conservatives on the
Supreme Court. Let's hope they all die! Yuck, yuck. 
Celebrating Scalia's death with the audience clapping and laughing shows just how sick and cynical the democrats are. This audio also gives anyone who cares about the Supreme Court and its impact on demolishing the America we know one more reason to vote for Donald Trump. Keep in mind that Ted Strickland is from Ohio (a former governor), the state where Obama got over 100% in some precincts and 99% of the vote in 100 precincts in one country. Ohio was an important swing state in 2012 and the Democrats sure weren't taking any chances. Does anybody think these thugs won't go for a repeat this fall?

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