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Monday, August 15, 2016

If You Can't Support the Candidates, Read the Party Platforms...

Republicans: Defend life, individual rights, & the Constitution!
...Which one aligns with your values?  The Democrats' party of the abortion full court press, transgender social experimentation, big government, and big deficits? Or the party whose platform defends life and the constitutional rights of the individual?

I read an interesting article this morning that made a good point at the difference in the party platforms. Have you ever read them? Which one squares more with your moral viewpoint or philosophy of life?

If You're On the Fence About Your Vote, This Pastor Clarifies How the Very Future of America Is At Stake
The Democratic and Republican party platforms are as different as night and day, in my opinion, as far apart as evil vs. good. The 51-page Democratic platform is the most leftist ever. (I don't care for the "right vs. left" nomenclature. I am far more concerned with "right vs. wrong.") The Democratic platform contains many points which are anti-biblical. (Time does not permit me here to identify what is meant by "anti-biblical," which is covered in my new book Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues.) It is thoroughly socialistic (a socialist is a communist without a gun). The 54-page GOP platform is one of the strongest GOP platforms ever. A biblically alert person could be comfortable with almost all of it. Party platforms are a big issue to me. Although some "blow off" party platforms, I do not. Nor do many people up and down the ballot who are running for office. This is a serious and very important item. I have a hard copy of both platforms in front of me now. Most people have never checked out what the party platforms say. They should. If a person is not drawn to the "top-of-the-ballot" candidate, they ought to at least consider voting for the candidate attached to the best party platform.
With all the attacks on Donald Trump, isn't it interesting that this year we have the strongest Republican Platform in my lifetime? Does his candidacy get no credit for that? Read the Republican Platform and imagine how much stronger this country would be if it were implemented.

You are praying every day for the election, right?

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