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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Polygamy for Muslims in Italy?

Man with wives 1, 2, 3, & 4
 If the Italian government passed a law to legalize sodomy then can polygamy for Muslims be far behind? Seems that it's only a matter of time. It's only fair, right? If God's marriage is tossed into the heap of yesteryear and of no importance, then anything goes so there should be no problem passing polygamy.

Hamza Piccardo, an Italian Islamic leader and Spokesperson of the European Muslim Network, wants polygamy legalized for consenting persons, especially Muslims.  Muslims don’t agree with same sex unions but have to accept it in the West, so they feel that other people should accept polygamy even if they don’t agree with it.

If sodomy is now legal, whereas it wasn’t before, then Muslims feel that polygamy should now be legal as well, even though it has never been legal in the West. Of course that would practically make prostitution legal because if polygamy is legalized then it should also be the other way around and polyandry should be legal so therefore if polyandry is legal, then the ban on prostitution should be lifted which would then make prostitution legal.

Hamza Piccardo with his Italian Quran
Tossing God aside opens the floodgates for legal perversity. And all perversity must become legal, because if sodomy is legal, there is no leg for any government to stand on to say otherwise for any other type of personal perversity preference.

If all perversity is sooner or later going to be legal, then the law is useless and should be made obsolete just like God. If the law is obsolete and tossed into the dustbin of history then we’re right back in the time of the pagan philosophers who way back then carved the way for legal laws for the common good of society. Which was apparently a waste of time for them since now, 2500 years later, we don’t need their legal system because we should all be able to lawfully participate in whatever perverse sexual appetite satisfies us. Besides, who needs lawyers anyway? (Sorry, lawyers…just a small joke.)

BTW, Hamza’s middle name is Roberto. He was born a Catholic, Roberto Piccardo, but converted to Islam in 1975 at age 23 taking the name Hamza. His publishing house, Al Hikma, published the first edition of the Quran in Italian.

Perhaps Hamza will present a copy of his Italian Quran to Pope Francis and discuss the prospect of polygamy for Muslims with him, the pope being so pro-Islam and all.

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Chesterton had the right view of the Crusades, Islam, and the Moslem threat. We would do well to read what he said about these things including his famous poem Lepanto:

"Christendom might quite reasonably have been alarmed if it had not been attacked. But as a matter of history it had been attacked. The Crusader would have been quite justified in suspecting the Moslem even if the Moslem had merely been a new stranger; but as a matter of history he was already an old enemy. The critic of the Crusade talks as if it had sought out some inoffensive tribe or temple in the interior of Thibet, which was never discovered until it was invaded. They seem entirely to forget that long before the Crusaders had dreamed of riding to Jerusalem, the Moslems had almost ridden into Paris. They seem to forget that if the Crusaders nearly conquered Palestine, it was but a return upon the Moslems who had nearly conquered Europe." The Meaning of The Crusade. (1920)