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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Female Cardinals a Possibility? It's the Deja Vu Show!

Hmm...female cardinals...let me give that some thought.

He says women can't be ordained, but they can be cardinals to help elect a future pope:
If the pope wishes it, he can transfer these functions also to future deaconesses. The Church’s Law would have to be changed by the pope accordingly. Dogmatically, this is permitted. If the pope wishes it, he can, for example, determine that the Cardinalate (which includes the right to elect the pope) is not only open to the recipients of the Sacrament of Holy Orders – and thus men – but also to women. The pope could determine that all offices in the Church’s bureaucracy and in the Church commissions (for example, in the cathedral chapter) which are [hierarchically] below the bishop and his general vicar have to be equally occupied by men and women.
As this discussion of female deacons heats up, I can't help thinking of the papal birth control commission that recommended Pope Paul VI approve contraceptives. The commission like the Lambeth Conference of 1930 did for the Anglican Church helped to advance the sexual revolution and, in the Catholic Church, foment the dissent to Humanae Vitae. After all, what did those old men in skirts know about marriage and family? They morphed out of the fourth dimensions as celibate males who never had a mother or father, sisters or brothers, etc.

Well, fasten your seat belts, faithful Catholics because here we go again.


Unknown said...

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I let you comment, Vicki, but I want to warn readers that your site rejects Vatican II and appears to believe that no Catholic churches are teaching the authentic faith. I cannot recommend your site despite many great resources because you have set yourselves above the Church. I always find it puzzling that people will declare themselves infallible after rejecting Peter.