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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fr. Tom Collins Speculates on an "October Surprise."

Could a natural disaster cause postponement of the election?

It would not be surprising to see Hillary have to drop out soon before the election, due to health reasons or new revelations about her criminal activities. This would allow Obama, together with Attorney General Lynch and the progressive justices on the Supreme Court, ignoring the fact that the American people could vote for any of the several other “Third Party” candidates on the ballot , to determine that a Democrat must be on the ballot, and thus cancel or postpone the election because of this contrived “Constitutional crisis”.
Also, major natural disasters (e.g., direct hit by a solar ejection mass, a hurricane, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption and/or a tsunami) could be used as an excuse to cancel or delay the elections, since these disasters could prevent many from voting. Mother Nature would thus be seen as in violation of the Voting Rights Act for exercising her “right to choose”.

In either scenario, Obama could arrogantly condescend to stay in office until the contrived crisis is resolved. Of course, Obama and his cronies, along with the gays and Moslems, whom he has proactively promoted to the highest positions in the military, will be the ones to determine when, if ever, the crisis is resolved.

Sadly, those blindly following the “social justice” agenda of promoting resentment and vice while punishing resilience and virtue would be more than happy to see such a decisive display of “leadership” (i.e., tyranny).

All this points again to our need to intensify our prayer and deepen our repentance, guided by the Holy Spirit through a more diligent reading of and accountability to God’s Commandments and God’s Word.

Fr. Tom

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TLM said...

I have read often of how the scenario might play out to 'allow' Obama to stay in office indefinitely. This one, in particular is interesting and a possible new twist in allowing that to happen. I have never thought of these particular angles, but anything is possible with our rogue government that is now in control. Obama has always ignored the Constitution and created his own rules as he goes along, so....why in the world would he stop at this point? And....why in the world would Congress try to stop him, as they have been lap dogs for him throughout. The Republicans being just about as bad and the Democrats, only giving us lip service as to their power and what they 'threaten' to do, but always giving in to him. Our Congress is pretty much useless at this point, and he knows it, as is our Republican Senate.