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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Random Thoughts and Questions on the Pope and the Vatican...

...with links.

1. Is the pope so clueless he really believes Islam is not a religion of submission that justifies murdering and enslaving its enemies?  (See The Church and Islam) Kirkpatrick writes:
The Church’s handling of the numerous cases of [what Pope Francis calls] “Islamic abuse” has the potential for causing a greater scandal [than the sex abuse scandal]. The similarities are striking. Once again we have Church leaders who deny that there is any serious problem.
This can be seen, for example, in Pope Francis’ repeated assurances that Islamic violence is the work of “a small group of fundamentalists” who, according to him, don’t have anything to do with Islam. And once again, we have a cover-up—this time of the aggressive nature of Islam. After every terrorist incident, the Pope or some Vatican spokesman leaps to the defense of Islam lest anyone get the idea that there is a link between Islam and violence....
More and more people can see that what the Pope and others in the hierarchy are saying about Islam and Islamic violence doesn’t comport with reality. If things continue in this direction, it will generate an enormous crisis of confidence in the Church. It is potentially a crisis of much great proportion than the sex abuse scandals. This time the victims of the cover-up will be counted not in the thousands, but in the tens of millions. And this time we will be talking not about damaged lives, but about dead bodies.
2. One of the causes of all the sexual depravities of the culture of death is sex education which mentally and emotionally abuses children through the recommendation of "experts" in education and social work. So how come Amoris Laetitia  undermines parents and calls for these same "experts" to teach children about the birds and the bees? Why did the Pontifical Council for the Family offer a shameful sex ed program at World Youth Day. Here's a bit of the reaction from LifeSiteNews:
While the program has been in the process of development by married couples in Spain for a number of years, it received impetus to be completed by Pope Francis’ April apostolic exhortation on marriage and the family, Amoris Laetitia. In the exhortation, the Pope speaks about the “need for sex education” to be addressed by “educational institutions,” a move that alarmed global life-and-family leaders since the Catholic Church has always recognized and taught — often in the face of opposition from world powers — that sex education is the “basic right and duty of parents.” 
Ward [Founder and President of the National Association of Catholic Families as well as a Corresponding Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life] called it “disingenuous” for anyone to think that the program will not be used as an excuse by various powers and authorities to “ignore and even dismiss the concerns of objecting parents who are trying to protect their children.”
“It could be the purest program in the world, but the fact that this is happening while pushing parents aside opens a Pandora's box to sex education of all sorts....
Ward called the program “thoroughly immoral,” adding that it amounted to a “complete rupture from the teaching of the Church throughout the ages about the parent as primary educator.”
3. What do you think about the commission studying deaconesses including advocates of women's ordination?  From LifeSiteNews:
In September 2015, just days before Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, [Phyllis] Zagano [an advocate for women’s ordination to the diaconate] spoke at a Women’s Ordination Worldwide (WOW) conference in Philadelphia. WOW dissents from Church teaching that women cannot be ordained as priests. It also embraces and promotes the LGBT cause.
The dissident group welcomed Pope Francis’ announcement, saying in a press release that it was “encouraged” by the creation of the commission. It praised the commission’s “gender-balanced” and “lay-inclusive” appointments and mentioned Zagano by name, noting her past participation in the 2015 conference.
Is this a repeat of the notorious birth control commission that recommended contraception to Pope Paul VI and raised hopes that contraception would be approved? Are we now raising hopes that female ordination is also coming?

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Susan Matthiesen said...

And how about the pope calling church secretaries "disciples of Satan". No one would dare call our sweet and amazing parish secretary a disciple of Satan! Who does Pope Francis think he is anyway? He fires off answers without thinking, even if they're cruel.