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Thursday, August 18, 2016

More Bad News from the Vatican: It goes on and on!

Here's to sex, any flavor. Like my rainbow glasses?
Kasperite Bishop Appointed Head of Pontifical Academy for Life

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia is the man and there's plenty to pray about with this appointment.

Facts from the article: 
  • Paglia heads the Pontifical Council for the Family, (responsible for releasing the shameful sex ed program at World Youth Day). 
  • He supports giving Communion to the divorced and invalidly remarried.
  • He invited homosexual couples to last year's World Meeting of Families and promotes homosexuality.
This paragraph pretty much sums things up:
Thus it becomes considerably more obvious that Pope Francis intends to make changes within the curial dicasteries that will promote his liberalizing idea of mercy in questions of marriage and the family. Magister says, with regard to these newly announced changes: They intend “to change – along with the persons – the orientation of the institute [Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family] and to adapt it to the new Bergoglio course.” And he continues: “As to the Papal Academy for Life – which the pope also now entrusts into the hands of Paglia – there are to be expected several earthquakes.” Magister expects, for example, that Pope Francis will remove the Austrian philosopher, Professor Josef Seifert, from the Papal Academy for Life. Seifert just recently has published a well-reasoned, charitable but forceful critique of the papal document Amoris Laetitia in which he explicitly requests Pope Francis to rescind several of its objectively heretical statements.
The world is falling apart and the Church is filled with corrupt clerics. Instead of being a sign of contradiction, many clerics have dressed the bride of Christ like a prostitute. The rock at the top seems to be crumbling, but there are still so many faithful priests and laity that I'm confident it will never crumble at the bottom. Remember the doctrine of subsidiarity. Strengthen your little domestic Church by teaching doctrine and let the corrupt bishops at the top play their hellish games. Don't get caught up in them.  


DJR said...

"Strengthen your little domestic Church by teaching doctrine and let the corrupt bishops at the top play their hellish games. Don't get caught up in them."

And stop giving them money!!!

Unknown said...

Pope Francis is channeling the One World Order philosophy wherein those adhering to the Gospel will become victimized for not going along to get along. Is he being naive or is he the epitome of a wolf in sheep's clothing? This is disastrous for Western Civilization caught up in the Culture of Death. The Book of Revelations tells about the Great Apostasy where many will loose their faith and be lost. Is this it?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree, DJR. We give to our local parish in a way that avoids the diocesan assessment. We will not give to special collections like Catholic University and CCHD and certainly will not give to Peter's Pence. There are plenty of options for Catholic charity: the Poor Clares, crisis pregnancy centers, organizations like Mercy Chefs that feed people in disaster areas. (They're in Louisiana now serving 7000 meals a day.) Love of money is the root of all evils and, sadly, there are many in the Church who would rather serve the almighty dollar than almighty God. Another suggestion -- always write a check; never put cash in the basket!

Anonymous said...

All roads lead to Rome.
A sear friend just sent this to me.
Here is proof that the Vatican officials are complicit in the Cover Up and protection of active sodomite pederasts who have risen in the Church.
Pope Francis ,your words mean nothing UNTIL you practice what you preach !
Watch in it's entirety as Atty Anderson presents the written evidence against the Papal Nuncio who acts on Vatican directives.
Our Lady of Fatima , Pray for your people.

Nancy Reyes said...

More dismantling of the church. And now a US Catholic bishop group has released a statement saying where they agree with the liberal Lutherans in the US... check document from here,

page 112 notes they propose giving communion not to hurt their feelings.

I am upset...anyone else out there upset?