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Friday, August 26, 2016

Mark Shea: The Internet's Donald Trump

More G.K. Chesterton, less Mark Shea
 Dave Griffey makes the case that Mark Shea is simply an internet version of Donald Trump, a man he routinely castigates. I don't usually point people to Patheos, but this article is so on target about Mark Shea, I had to link.
How can I be so heartless and judgmental to compare Mark to Trump? Or compare others on Social Media to Trump? Easy. I read. I listen to Trump and what people criticize him for, and then visit various Facebook pages, including Mark’s, and I see no difference. Trump, beyond the policies he advocates – when we can figure them out – is brash, crude, rude, vulgar, sinful, mean spirited, ill-informed and simply a lousy person because of how he interacts with others and treats others who dare disagree with him.
So how is that different than Mark, or even Mark’s own followers? Or the followers on any one of a million sites?
For instance, Mark’s own lack of substance and knowledge of topics he comments on outside of Catholicism is legendary. Even those who support him and agree with him have hung their heads over his approach to such topics as the Death Penalty or Gun Control. The same is a common complaint about Trump. Mark thinks nothing of using the same language Trump is condemned for using. Mark attacks through name calling and condescension and scorn any who dare disagree, unless Mark happens to be friends with the violators. Mark isn’t even above making false and slanderous accusations against people, even to the point of libel....
If you want to be objective, there is little difference between how Mark Shea approaches the modern debate and the way Trump does. Unless you blindly follow and agree with Mark, you see some glaring problems in his approach and his stances that are not unlike Trump’s. Ah, but that’s the rub. How can people honestly follow Trump despite his views and behavior? I give you Mark Shea. More than one Catholic on the Internet has railed against Donald Trump for multiple reasons, while at the same time endorsing and loving Mark Shea and similar individuals who approach the modern debate in the same exact manner for which those same Catholics condemn Trump....
If we really are upset with Trump and don’t want a country of Trump ethics and behaviors and ideas and dialogue, then perhaps it’s time to look prayerfully at how we ourselves act in this era of Facebook and Social Media.
This article made me examine my own conscience. Am I civil and courteous to those with whom I disagree. A role model for all of us is G.K. Chesterton who could absolutely pillory the opinions of people like George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells and still remain their friends. I think it was Wells who said that if he made it to heaven it would be because of his friend Chesterton praying for him. I don't think Chesterton ever made an enemy.

G.K., please pray for me. I ask you to intercede for me that I might always disagree in an agreeable way.


Steve Dalton said...

With all due respect, Trump isn't anywhere near Mark Shea. While Trump is somewhat boisterous, he is quite capable of making logical statements. Shea however, is getting more hairbrained and illogical with each passing day. If he doesn't come to his senses soon, he will fade to irrelevance, and never be heard from again, except for his obituary.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sounds like a tombstone quote. Thanks for the laugh.

fRED said...

I thank you and Susan for a fine blog. I check it at least once a day and read most posts.

However, I am sad to see Trump being denigrated by compared to Mark Shea. Unfortunately, it is this kind of piece that feeds the negative stereotypes about Trump that will help uniformed voters support Hillary in lieu of Trump (especially being compared to Mark Shea).

Re Mark Shea: I no longer read most RC mainstream "bloggers" and/or columnists bc there is so much sniping going on. I blame Pope Francis for creating so much spiritual anarchy and Catholic chaos. This division is very offputting unless the objective is to steer people away from Catholicism and/or Christianity.

It would please me very much if the post comparing Mark Shea to Trump were deleted.