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Friday, November 30, 2018

Nabi Sayeth: If Only They Would Try to Live Like Saints like WW I Chaplain Willie Doyle, SJ

Pray to this hero priest for
the conversion of his brothers.
Nabi Sayeth: Have you ever wondered why many clergymen, both bishops and priests, live lives that run so contrary to the life of Jesus and the great Saints throughout history?
Why do they spend so much of their time viewing pornography, playing around in gay bars and chat rooms, and in various and sundry liaisons?

Does the standard excuse, “They were BORN that way” suffice as a valid excuse?

I do believe that being “ born that way” can never serve as an excuse for pathetically seductive predatory behavior.

Think about how ludicrous the excuse of being “born that way” sounds in light of:

-       A French priest who sexually abused several teen-aged boys: Pierre de Castelet admitted to “an emotional attraction for boys aged 11-13” but said that he “did not realize the harm that it could do them.” 
The priest, who was removed from active ministry by bishop Blaquart, told investigators that he was “alone against the world” in dealing with his attraction to young boys, and complained of a lack of support from Church authorities. (Catholic News Agency 11/24/18)
-       A predator in Florida: A retired Catholic priest and former pastor at a DeBary church is one of six men who were arrested in a Holly Hill bathroom sex sting last week, authorities confirmed. 

      Paige Blakely, 61, was charged Nov. 17 with misdemeanor indecent exposure during an operation conducted by the Holly Hill Police Department at Ross Point Park, off Riverside Drive. 
      According to an arrest affidavit, Blakely arrived at the park and then went into the men’s bathroom and was followed by an undercover police officer who pretended to wash his hands.
      Blakely, who lives in New Smyrna Beach, first went to a urinal and then approached the officer and “glanced at my groin area a few times,” the officer wrote in the affidavit.
Moments later, Blakely pulled out his genitals and shook them at the officer, who then identified himself, according to the affidavit.
After being placed under arrest, Blakely told authorities he was only trying to “experience what it was like” and was trying to get a “thrill” and was familiar with “cruising” or searching for a sexual partner in a public place, authorities said.                   (Chris Graham The Daytona Beach Journal 8/15/12)
-       FORMER bishop Michael Bransfield:  Bransfield had an insatiable lust for the “good life” and young priests. On one occasion he told a young Nigerian priest at one of the dioceses’ retreat centers “how good he looked in his jeans.”

-       A priest who boasted about his love for the work of homosexual pornographic artist Philip Gladstone, featuring teen-aged and young adult males, while assigned as pastor of Catholic schools.

What is wrong with these distracted lust-filled clergymen? Did they never read Jesus’ “job description” for His priests in Mark 10:45?
 45…”For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a   ransom for many.”
Nabi Sayeth: The sinful behaviors of these clergymen cannot be blamed on being “born that way.” No, the problem is twofold: A genuine lack of faith in God (no matter how religious they may appear on the outside) and narcissism (a morbid and sick type of self love). How so?

Narcissists do not truly and fully believe in God because they are consumed with themselves. Their selfish lusts, their morbid desires lead to a CHOICE to act as they do. And they do so without concern for the scandal they cause to the faithful people entrusted to their care. Their selfish desires are placed above the need to work for the salvation of the souls of the laity. Their behavior does tremendous damage to the integrity of the Church as the Body of Christ here on earth.

But, thank God, there have always been good, faithful and even heroic priests and bishops.

Nabi highly recommends that you consider reading a book about a young Irish Priest who served as an army chaplain during World War I. “To Raise the Fallen” by Patrick Kenny, is a collection of notes, prayers and eyewitness accounts written by Father Willie Doyle. While attempting to save the souls of his fellow soldiers during the heat of battle, Father Doyle gave up his own life. Here is an excerpt from Father Doyle’s writings:
“You must have great patience with yourself and not expect to get into a region of perfect peace where there would be no trials or worries or FIGHTING AGAINST SELF—-even the Saints did not enjoy that calm. 
Remember, God sees the intention, which in your case is generous and unreserved. He is quite pleased with that and only smiles when He sees us failing in our resolve and determination to be perfect. To console you, here is the confession of the great St. Teresa: ‘the devil sends me so offensive a spirit of bad temper that at times I think I could eat people up’. She was canonised, so there is some hope of salvation for us yet. 
Don’t dwell on what you have not done, for I think that want of confidence in His willingness to forgive our shortcomings pains Him very much, but rather lift up your heart and think what you are going to do for Him now.”
And on his daily duties….
“Each fresh meditation on the life of Our Lord impresses on me more and more the necessity of CONFORMING MY LIFE TO HIS IN EVERY DETAIL if I wish to PLEASE HIM AND BECOME HOLY. To do something great and heroic may never come, but I can make my life heroic by faithfully and daily putting MY BEST EFFORT INTO EACH DUTY as it comes round.”
Nabi Sayeth: Re-read the utterances of the sinful predators provided above and JUXTAPOSE their wimpish and selfish thoughts with those of Father Willie Doyle. He would never have succumbed to self-defeating excuses such as being “born that way.” He was filled with love for the Lord. He wanted nothing more than to please the Lord through his priestly work and he gave his life in doing so.
The manner in which Father Doyle lived his priesthood serves as a prophetic challenge to all of the Lavenders who place their narcissistic desires above Jesus and His people. To be a true priest means to CHOOSE to put Christ, FIRST. Father Willie Doyle showed all of us how to do that with humility.

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  1. Oh I love Fr. Doyle! I have a day by day book of his writings that serve as wonderful spiritual direction. He should be canonized instead of some of the very doubtful new ones. But he was Irish and the Irish are losing the faith and he was a Jesuit and the modernist Jesuits do not much appreciate a holy man of faith and penance. No, his canonization must wait until a sane and faithful time returns to the Church and that may not happen until after Our Lord's intervention.