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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Bishop Bransfield's Immoral Shenanigans Keep Coming!

Now, really, don't the articles below make you ask yourself how many other of these immoral bishops and priests are stealing from their dioceses and parishes. I remember when one of my pastors put in a marble fireplace in the rectory. Nothing too good for him. Like the L'Oreal commercia, he "was worth it." He's dead and gone. But, hey, the legacy of his marble fireplace lives on!

As for disinviting Bransfield to the bishops' meeting, I will happily make a list of others who should be deep-sixed starting with Wuerl, Cupich, and any bishop who promotes the homosexual lifestyle by supporting Fr James Martin and other heretics of his ilk. It's high time the good guys formed another group like the orthodox nuns did years ago. Stop meeting with these wolves to scandalize the sheep.

Charleston priest retired over Wheeling bishop's costly renovation to Sacred Heart

USCCB leaders disinvite Bishop Bransfield from fall general assembly

Editorial: Reveal Details about Bransfield

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