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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Meditation: Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons -- The New Documentary from Created Equal

Sidewalk counselors save babies!
Warning for the squeamish. There are graphic photos of aborted babies and scenes of abortion
violence against peaceful pro-lifers in the documentary below.

As a long-time sidewalk counselor and rescuer, the video hit very close to home. I recognized scenes like those depicted. On several occasions, I had conversations outside abortion facilities with new agers and others who self-described as atheists and satanists. Sometimes, the presence of demons was almost palpable especially when I was in jail with a large rescue contingent and at one of the women's marches in Washington, D.C.

Watch and pray. I felt so sorry for the poor people in the video proclaiming their hatred of God. It reminded me of  Dan and a young lesbian I spoke to at two separate rescues. They were sad, angry, and broken. I met others who went ballistic when challenged. If that happens, I suspect the person had or cooperated in an abortion. Their anger is actually a good thing because it shows that their consciences aren't quite dead. Deep down they live with the reality that they killed a child, and they can't face the pain of that reality. Many are self-medicating with drugs and alcohol to deaden relieve their misery and forget, at least for awhile.

That doesn't mean pro-lifers should accept their violence and brutality. If they violate your rights, you need to call the police especially if they commit assault and battery! An arrest may be the catalyst that draws them up short and also provides an opportunity for further dialogue. Outside a courtroom can be a great place to talk to an abortion worker or post aborted mom or dad. I know because I've done it although the person on trial was generally myself.

Return to Fatima. Listen to Jacinta's plea to "pray for poor sinners." Think of Norma McCorvey, Bernard Nathanson, Anthony Levatino, and Carol Everett whose conversions provided such powerful witness to pro-life education. Never hate those who are murdering children. They are in the grip of the one who was a liar and murderer from the beginning. Pray and fast that by grace they will trade the chains of their slavery to Satan to the cord of love binding them to Mary and Jesus, the holy rosary.

Viva Cristo Rey!


rohrbachs said...

Pray for priests to purge their ranks of homosexuals whose presence may well be blocking the reconciliation of aborted women (and partners). It takes almost superhuman humility to confess to Father Twinkie.

Anonymous said...

Powerful video! Everyone should see this.