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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Take Up Your Cross, Draw Your Sword, Raise Your Voice!

 Alexander Tschugguel, known by all for expelling idols from the church in Rome recently.     
Alexander Tschugguel may not yet be a household name, but it will be for all who love the Church.  Admittedly difficult to spell and pronounce, it is synonymous with the expulsion of idols from the church in Rome following the shame of a synod held to advance the Vatican II agenda to transform the Catholic religion into a belief system compatible with all other world religions.    

I had a chance to hear Alexander speak last night in a room packed to the brim with Catholics who love the Church and are prepared to defend the Deposit of Faith with their hearts and souls.  All of us were amazed by this young 26 year old, much taller than any of us expected, who speaks with the clarity, confidence, and knowledge of someone three times his age.  The Catholic religion is not nearly as complicated or difficult to understand as some sages would have you believe.  All you need is the exuberance of a child and the willingness to follow the Truth, which is Christ and nothing else.  

This Truth, however, has been hijacked by communists who infiltrated the Jesuit Order, and many others, with a philosophy that changes the focus of our faith from salvation of souls to a plan to “promote peace” through a doctrine that diminishes or totally eliminates personal sin, and pushes mightily the idea of “social sin” which we are all collectively guilty of and must rectify.  Social sins include spoiling the environment by eating meat, building walls at national borders, rejecting any immigrant from roaming freely within and across all lines.  In sum, these social sins are the guidelines for the New World Order and unlike the “old communism” that tried to eliminate religion; the New Order hopes to include a New World Religion.  And Pope Francis is working in tandem with those in political realms to do what is necessary to tear faithful Catholics away from long held beliefs and exchange them for a new enculturated, blended, pea soup, brand of worship, which amounts to heresy and abomination, idol worship, and acceptance of the most ghastly behaviors known to man---the kind embraced by those of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

One of the most shocking things Alexander told us was the newly embraced concept in the EU education plan for children which includes fondling and “pleasuring” one year old children to teach them how to enjoy sex from a young age.  The entire room groaned in disbelief when he told us this, as those with a rightly formed conscience should have.  My question is, why hasn’t anyone in the Church in Europe where this is now the case spoken out against it?  Why hasn’t the pope himself written about how evil it is?  The only answer must be that it is a personal choice and moving forward, only “social sins” matter.  Homosexuality is a personal choice.  Transgender is a personal choice.  None of these things matter in the New World Order. 

Alexander spoke of how important it is for us to recognize the fact that the Amazon Synod was not about indigenous people at all.  They were the smoke and mirrors.  They were used as puppets to promote a corruption and transformation of the Roman Catholic Church.  He said this agenda has been brewing for the last 70 years.  It wasn’t something that just happened to come up recently.  Since Vatican II, which was bad enough, giving us the beginnings of corruption of our faith---introducing us to “religious freedom,” and the acceptance of the possibility of there being more than one path to heaven.  The documents and the resulting catechism suggesting that Muslims worship one god giving us something in common with them.  (TOTAL HOGWASH!!!) 

Alexander told us of a lawyer, who until he was 16 years old had lived in the Amazon jungle wearing nothing but a loin cloth, if that, doing nothing but fishing and hunting.  After he came in contact with civilization, he was eager to learn.  He eventually went to law school and passed the bar exam.  The point of this man’s story is that the indigenous people are very capable of understanding the same things we understand---celibacy, one God, the Mass, Jesus, Mary, salvation, sin, and heaven and hell.  Indigenous people are not stupid sub-humans incapable of grasping the Gospel. 

What we must pay close attention to is the alliance formed by Pope Francis with the leaders of the United Nations whose goal is a united world under one government----all “to prevent war and save the planet”, (if you believe that) but under which we will be nothing but slaves to the dictates of a committee whose goal has always been the destruction of Catholicism. 

Throwing idols in the Tiber, according to Alexander was not his goal; it was just something that needed to be done.  He said the clergy is powerless to do such things because their own lives/careers and their parishes are at stake.  If they would have done the removal they would have been removed from their duties as priests and the people they serve would have suffered.  It is laity that must take up this battle.  It is you and I who have to complain and act when necessary.  It is you and I who must know our religion, spot error and be willing to stomp our feet and reject it, even when it means losing friendships and upsetting our own families.  Alexander Tschugguel doesn’t want to be known only as the guy who threw the idols in the Tiber, he wants to be one who stood with those of us who is prepared to defend the Church against evil. 

It’s time, my fellow Catholics to take up your cross and leave behind any romantic notion that we can “all just get along.”  We’ve been “getting along” in our post Vatican II churches for the last 50+ years and all it has gotten us is a smaller Church, kids walking away in droves after not being catechized properly, queer sodomite priests, watered down sermons that promote social justice for all and never speak of personal sin and confession, and sanctuaries void of communion rails, centered tabernacles, and properly vested clergy. 

It’s time, my fellow Catholics to demand your church back.  Complain to your priest about what’s not Catholic enough in your church.  And if you don’t get results, change churches.  Stop supporting what you know is not right and beneficial for the life of the Church. 

It’s time, my fellow Catholics to let Rome know, we will not bow down to the United Nations agenda, nor will we sacrifice our borders, our voices, or our God given right to worship the one and only living God who made us, and provided for us through Jesus Christ a pathway to heaven if we choose to follow Him.  There is no “mother earth”, no god of the sky, no gaia.  Only the God of creation, the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

John 14:6

“Jesus said to him, I am the way and the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me