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Monday, November 25, 2019

The Preeminent Issue in Our Country is the Murder of the Unborn...

...and among those suffering for the little ones today are the Red Rose Rescuers. This morning I received the message below from Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-LIfe Society (CPLS). I know most of you can't be there physically, but we can all be there in prayer. Even if you read this after the hearing, please pray. God is not limited by time. Every prayer you say for these defendants, the judge and the attorneys will be heard and will pour graces down upon those crucial courtroom moments. Beg for the intercession of the Holy Spirit for the courageous defendants threatened with this draconian charge. When you consider the hands off treatment of violent ANTIFA protestors, this persecution stands in stark relief. Lord Jesus, King of the Universe, have mercy on us.

Show Support for the Red Rose Rescuers and Attorney Robert Muise

Come to the Hearing Monday, Nov. 25th

Details Below

Attorney Robert Muise will argue motion to "quash" the despicable felony charge brought against 4 Red Rose Rescuers--when all they did was practice "passive resistance."

Your CPLS director will be there! Come join me!

Monday, Nov. 25th

2:30pm Genesee County Court 
900 Saginaw Street, Flint, MI    810 424-5355

Judge David Newblatt

On June 6th of this year 4 Red Rose Rescuers entered the Women's Center Abortion clinic on Flushing Road in Flint, MI. Their goal was to talk to the women in the waiting room, offer them material assistance and support, and offer a peaceful act of defense for the innocent unborn about to be killed.

Matthew Connolly, Patrice Woodworth, Lauren Handy and William Goodman were arrested-- and besides being charged with disturbing the peace, they were unbelievably charged with a felony!

Yes! For What? 

Merely passively NOT cooperating with their arrests. 
Such a charge is unprecedented in the
history of the pro-life rescue movement!

Let us Work and Pray to End Abortion!

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Update from Monica:

Dear Friends-- sad to say but Judge Newblatt ruled in favor of the prosecutor on the issue of the felony charge of the 4 Red Rose Rescuers from the June 6th RRR we did in Flint, Michigan. One of the problems we are running into is the Michigan felony statute that states that merely NOT OBEYING the lawful order of a police officer constitutes obstruction of the officer, and the local prosecutor, (in this case the Genesee County prosecutor) has discretion to charge either as a misdemeanor (as happened to us in the Dec. 2, 2017 RRR in West Bloomfield,MI) or as a felony. WHY is this being charged as a felony?? who knows !! Maybe letters need to be sent to the district atty! I am writing one!

Ok enough of the legal side of things! We need to simply unite ourselves to Jesus on the Cross-- the unwanted unborn are there with HIM. We need to be there too. Our mission is a mission that may involve suffering on behalf of the unwanted, and we have to accept that, even embrace that-- and so we cannot be discouraged. Robert Muise, our great attorney will continue to battle for us! He will appeal this ruling-- but in the meantime the rescuers are scheduled for trial May 12th 2020 with a pretrial on Feb. 3rd. They are also charged with misdemeanors of trespass and disorderly conduct

God bless you all!! and please PRAY for all the upcoming court cases !! and let's thank God this Thanksgiving that we are so privileged to witness to His Truth!!