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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Was the 2nd idol in the Vatican Gardens Pacha Mama's sister, Mama Quilla?

The Two Sister Goddesses?
L - Mama Quilla, R - Pacha Mama?
Of course I know nothing about how to properly worship the Incan idol Pacha Mama, but thanks to the Amazon Synod and Bergoglio, I'm learning more each day. It's just like when my youngest child was in Catholic school here in Florida. She knew nothing about drugs until they were introduced to her in the fourth grade health book students were not allowed to take home for fear parents might see what was in it. 

I went into the classroom and took the book off the shelf while the teacher angrily told me I couldn't do that. "It's copyrighted you can't copy anything from it!" she shouted from across the room. I smiled sweetly and told her I'd bring it back when I was finished with it and walked out. 

There were pictures of different kinds of drugs - a rock of cocaine stands out best in my memory, which would have come in handy since there was a crack house on the corner 2 blocks from the elementary school. A few days later I suggested to the teacher that she take the little darlings on a field trip down the street to really teach them about drugs...and at the same time they'd be earning money for the school which in turn would be a helpful lesson on economics. The main thing they'd learn was that selling cocaine earns far more money than selling cookies. The only problem was I wasn't sure who the teacher's supplier would be for the field trip. (I debated with myself that year at Christmas....Sweetie! Look what a pretty little mirror Mommy got you for Christmas! Take it in for show and tell. Your teacher will be thrilled!)

But I digress. However, really, it's the same sort of problem in that being introduced to idol worship by the Pope, the more I learn about Pacha Mama, the more I know! For instance, I'm sort of an expert now on the Inca Empire because I just today finished reading the 1936 book Westward From Rio by Heath Bowman and Stirling Dickinson that I bought at a used book store's close-out sale for half price. After watching idol worship in the Vatican Gardens I could totally relate to Inca idol worship of Pacha Mama and how idolatry never was eradicated by Catholicism, even after 500 years. The Indians still retain their reverence for Pacha Mama - and her sister.

Did you know that Pacha Mama has a sister? Her name is Mama Quilla. She's the Moon Goddess, while Pacha Mama is the Earth Goddess. Which brings me to the two idols in the Vatican Gardens - one larger than the other. Everyone is calling both of the idols Pachamama. Even though they look the same, except for one being larger than the other, do they represent the same goddess? If so, why are two idols present in the circle? Why not just one main idol to worship?

At first "they" said the two idols in the Vatican Gardens were representative of the Visitation with the idols being the Blessed Mother and St Elizabeth. Then "they" said that the idols were 2 fertility goddesses representing life. Even though I'm learning a lot about idols it must be stated that the Indians know a thing or two more about idol worship than orthodox Catholics. Therefore, could it be that the one large idol and the one smaller idol that were bowed down to and worshiped in the Vatican Gardens were the two sister goddesses - Pacha Mama and her sister, Mama Quilla? The larger of the two would be Pacha Mama - Mother Earth - while the smaller would be Mama Quilla, the Moon Goddess.

I don't see why that could not be a possibility....and that no one is saying because it's bad enough to break the First Commandment with one idol, but breaking it with two different idols would be worse. 


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Great post, Susan!

And then there's all the other "stuff" on the planet blanket. This could be the material for a doctoral dissertation on paganism.

Chriss Rainey said...

I immediately went to find the book. Amazon has one copy for $43.00 Ouch! Hard copy signed by author. Even so.... a dear pricetag for a subject I probably don't want to spend a lot of time on. Nonetheless, I suspect it is a gem because it was written before WWII and people spoke openly about things that were later socially taboo and currently considered "politically incorrect."

Steve Schneider said...

Also, the tree they planted was said to represent satiating the hunger of mother earth. This came from the woman that led the ceremony (in an article I read yesterday). The whole thing stinks.

Chriss Rainey said...

As long as we are talking about the other items on the planet blanket.....
I expanded the picture for a closer look and it doesn't take a lot to discover ANOTHER idol, OBVIOUSLY not a female.

Mary King said...

There is a connection between the gates of Baal prominently displayed in Washington, D.C. last year, the Pachamama idol's emergence into the public light, and the placement of a statue of Moloch at the Coliseum's entrance this month.

Pachamama is an Incan goddess of fertility appeased by child sacrifice. Could this idol be another manifestation of Astarte? If so, we have the unholy triumverate of Baal, Moloch and Astarte taking pride of place in the world, and placed there willingly.

The affront to God is great and the coming storm will be greater.

rohrbachs said...

While we are talking symbolism I have nowhere seen discussion of the most obvious feature of these idols... that their nipples are pointed at each other reeks of lesbian eroticism.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that 3rd idol may have been an occasion of sin for some of the clerics in attendance. :-(

P. O'Brien said...

Mama Quilla sounds like the mother of the archbishop of my archdiocese of Denver, Sam Aquila. But our ordinary here just recently entertained Cardinals Burke and Mueller, so he is probably not connected to the Pachamama family.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: He is not the Pope and that is not the Catholic Church; it's time to get back to the basics.