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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Should We Obey the United Nations?

I've been reading up on Catholic social doctrine and international organizations since the pope said Catholic doctrine means "we should obey" the United Nations and other international organizations.

Really? I'd like a citation for that in the dogmatic teaching of the Church.

Coincidentally (or providentially), the U.N. was established the same year C.S. Lewis' novel That Hideous Strength was published. The evil bureaucracy in his novel could be the model for the U.N.! Sometimes I wonder if the Holy Spirit was involved using Lewis (who certainly had great insight into the workings of Screwtape and his Father Below) to send a warning about the new Big Brother in town getting ready to unleash incredible evil on the world.

The evil bureaucracy at work. Is that Big Sister on the screen?

At any rate, while I was doing my research I visited C-FAM (Center for Family and Human Rights), the watch dog organization founded by Austen Ruse. If you want to know just how evil the U.N. is, go peruse his website. While I was visiting various pages, I came across their petition on the Right to Life in International Law. Every Catholic in the world should sign on! It's two years old, but the issue continues to be a major one at the U.N. They never miss an opportunity to promote abortion and contraception using buzz words like "women's reproductive rights" and "sustainable development."

So I urge you to sign and circulate the petition to everyone you know and on social media.

The preeminent issue of our day is the murder of babies in the womb waiting to be born. What can be more evil than for a mother to kill her own child and to have the father, the grandparents, and friends all urging her to do the bloody deed?

Please...sign the petition! It's two years old, but it's never too late to send a message to the bureaucrats at the U.N. that human rights begin with the baby in the womb.


Chriss Rainey said...

Thank you, Mary Ann, for my next book to read. Occasionally I am "between books" and I wonder what to read next. Susan's mention in her blog posts strongly indicated to me that Malachi Martin's book, The Jesuits was the one and I believe it was indeed THE BOOK to embrace, even though it was published 32 years ago. .

I feel I read books "in the order" they will be useful and meaningful to me. And for the reason you mention, Mary Ann, I believe any greater understanding of a massive world power we can get is bound to help us cope with current trend toward a new world order.

Fiction is not normally my bag, but I make rare exceptions and this sounds like it should be one of them.

Alexander Tschugguel was imphatic in his address to a group of people recently that the pope is strongly supporting the UN and the powers that be who run it.

MyronM said...

"Is that Big Sister on the screen?" A more interesting object can be seen to the left of the large screen. At first glance, a crucified woman. After a closer examination: hanging on a bird - the whole nightmare of feminism in a simple sign.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I noticed that weird thing too, Myron. I was trying to find a close up. The U.N. probably has demons running around all over the place. I wonder how many of the members are possessed.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Chriss, It's the third book in a trilogy. Out of the Silent Planet is first about the earth after the fall. The second is Perelandra, about another planet where the original parents did NOT fall, and That Hideous Strength about the ascent of evil and the anti-Christ in the silent planet. It reminds me of the banality of evil reflected in the monstrous little clerk, Adolph Eichmann checking off people to be killed. Man's capacity for evil is astounding!