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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Flipping Virginia: It was more than demographics!

Virginia Goes Blue: Pro-China Communists Claim Credit

And money came flowing into the state. We've been bought -- lock, stock, and barrel by outside money and outside influence. Please pray for my beautiful state of Virginia.  


  1. I sympathize completely. Pennsylvania was bought as well. Delaware County (where I live) went 100% Dem after 150 years of GOP.

  2. It's ridiculous, and self-destructive, for our nation to allow this to even happen.
    Why don't we just sell the whole thing to China and get it over with if it's this easy.

  3. Hmmm. Tempting to believe this, but the personal demographics in my family's areas (both DC suburbs and along more surprisingly along the I-77 corridor tell me otherwise. My "never-voted-for-a-democrat" father in law went blue in a protest against Trump and his tariffs, which are hurting his family business. I don't live in VA anymore, but my solidly red Ohio county just almost voted in a Democratic mayor, too - we are talking a county where registered Rs outnumber Ds almost 4 to 1, but even our ex-mayor (R) wrote in for "change". The man at the top is costing the party.