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Monday, November 18, 2019

Need Encouragement and Hope? Watch this! The Catholic Future is in Good Hands!

My friend Janet at Restore D.C. Catholicism posted this video the other day. Thanks so much, Janet. As Catholics, we have great hope! The Lord is raising up warriors among the young. Like Don John of Austria who led the Catholic League at Lepanto (he was only 24), Alexander is in his 20s and filled with the spirit of zeal for God's house. How pleased the Lord must have been when he gathered up the idols from the church and threw them in the river. Watch the video and praise God! Support the front line warriors with your prayers and actions. Why not write a letter to your bishop today asking him to ask all the parishes in the diocese to offer a Mass in reparation for the desecration in Rome! Oh, and by the way, for a rousing poem about battling the enemy read Chesterton's ode to Don John in Lepanto. Everywhere Chesterton uses "Don John" substitute "Alexander Tschugguel." might be fun to use Chesterton for a model and write a poem about Alexander and Pachamama! I might try it just for fun.

 Our Lady, Scourge of the Demons, pray for us!


Aqua said...

In my reading on Don Juan Of Austria, he comes across as bold, faithful but also ... happy. The happy warrior.

His moment of ecstasy was at the tip of his naval spear, just prior to battle, the mightiest, cruelest, most ruthless armed force on the planet (the Muslim horde) in front of him - all his men reciting the Holy Rosary as one behind him; the Blessed Mother above him.

And he was happy, before the first blow was struck. No mewling, whimpering and hand-wringing from this hero. And so - Christendom was saved.

Throughout recorded history, God’s heroes are always the same: outnumbered, full of faith and zeal, confident, happy. The glory always goes to God, His mighty power revealed, through faith-filled “underdogs” with God and His Angel warriors fighting their fights with them.

Aqua said...

Perhaps Don Juan’s fight went something like this - chaotic, brutal, a force of nature: