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Monday, November 4, 2019

Need Hope? Listen to this young man who threw the idols in the river. #Iamcatholicmaccabees

Watch the video below and listen to the words of this impressive young Catholic warrior! Shouldn't these words have been spoken by a cardinal? Where was the descendent of St. Boniface to throw the idols in the river? God forgive the cowards in pointy hats! At least a few are speaking out, but actions speak louder than words. Thank you, God, for this young man and his friends. Isn't it meaningful that they threw the idols from the "angels bridge?" God bless these young men.


Chriss Rainey said...

How beautiful! This is what courage looks like--- the abandonment of concern for self in order to do what is right and pleasing to God.

Susan Matthiesen said...

I have a question. While I would definitely remove any Pachamamas appearing at my own parish here in the US and not worry about being prosecuted - mainly because it's doubtful that bishops here would want the negative publicity - what does one do if finding Pachamamas at a Catholic parish in the Amazon?

I ask because I'll be in the Amazon soon (as a tourist), in a jungle, with indigenous people, where there is a Catholic Church - and a protestant one (or three). Of course if I do find a Pachamama in the church I will find the pastor and speak to him, however he's there only once a week since he has three parishes in that particular jungle area. If I cannot find him I'd have to find the person in charge of opening the church doors each day.

Or do I just remove the Pachamama(s) from the Church...and risk angering the indigenous (who were recently rioting in Quito with metal spears) or being put in jail for theft. No one would do anything in Quito. They'd just put me on the first plane back to the US. But in the jungle? Three hours away from the middle of nowhere? (Maybe I'll go in Quito's Jesuit Church and see what's going on there!)

I actually think the people in the little town are less indigenous, more civilized therefore more Catholic and would think a Pachamama in their church was going back to idol worship. We shall see.