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Saturday, November 16, 2019

It's a "Nineveh Moment" -- Pray, Fast, and Do Penance!

You know not the day or the hour, but the signs of the times are serious indeed. The video below can give you plenty of subject matter to take before the Blessed Sacrament in adoration. Let's all commit to prayer, penance, and fasting: for the Holy Father, for all the bishops and clergy of the world, for the laity, especially for parents. Above all, pray for the little ones. I grew up in a time of relative faith, innocence, peace, and prosperity. I remember 40 Hours Devotion, May Crownings, and Corpus Christi processions. I knew nothing about pornography or abortion. Most of the families we knew were intact.

What are we giving the little ones today? Transgender story hours and diversity bookbags, violent video games, ads on TV that deserve an R (or X) rating, not to mention scandalous films by the bucketful. God have mercy on us!


  1. Its prolly because ABS is a contrary but it is worth considering living a full life that includes allowing others to see our observable happiness because we live in the peace of Christ and also shows others that the prose and praxis of The Bishop of Rome does not bother us too much.

    We can't control the progressive Pope, only our own selves and living a life of worry and fear is not the sort of behavior that will attract others to the Faith.

    We know the end of this epoch - Jesus wins - which is no different than the end of any other execrable epoch.

    Frequent the Sacraments, have a substantial prayer life but don't freak out about the condition of the world or the Church and while all the warnings from Heaven can be useful to some, to the weaker members of the Body of Christ they are spiritually debilitating; No matter what I do or how much I pray and sacrifice, it keeps getting worse...

    Just a thought....

  2. And this is why it is so important to read the signs and make a Catholic judgement on who the Pope is - so we can pray for his *intentions* and his support in God.

    Get this wrong and you pray for God’s opponent (be definition) rather than His Vicar.

    I pray for Pope Benedict XVI, all alone, in contemplative union with God in Mater Ecclesiae.

  3. Back in the late eighties /early nineties , a convert friend opened a Catholic bookstore in my town. occasionally she would ask me if certain books she planned to purchase were truly Catholic. When the book on Akita was released she stocked it but when speaking to the Publishing House ,she was told the English Editions were to be blocked by the Bishops if it included what he foreign editions covered. They all clearly stated Communion in the Hand was an abomination to God and that is why Our Lady's hand bled on Her statue and Sister's hand caused her so much pain.
    All except the English Editions.........
    I am strongly inclined to believe the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church is experiencing
    a Chastisement and the laity is being drawn into it also.Watch Rome. look at what is happening to Venice and St Mark's Church which is filled with stolen Eastern relics.


  5. Aqua, do you ever pray for "the soul in Purgatory who is most forgotten?" Or for "women considering abortion at this moment?"

    I don't need to know who the pope is to pray for him. When I pray for "the Holy Father" the Holy Spirit will apply my prayers to his pope, whoever he is. When there were multiple men claiming to be pope, do you think the average layman who may very well have been illiterate stopped praying for the pope? I think they probably prayed for the Holy Father without trying to decide among the claims who was the pope and who were the anti-popes.

    So I pray for the pope and trust that God knows who he is and that Our Blessed Mother will apply all my prayers, which I've given to her through the Marian consecration, wherever she wants them.

  6. Editor - a very true and valid point. That also is valid, valuable worthy prayer in its proper place.

    My addition is that this specific Pope is very much alone, forgotten, despised, insulted and is indeed, as he feared, surrounded by wolves.

    Imagine, being in his position! He needs specific intercessory prayer to the Blessed Mother and St. Michael, which is what he once asked of us. He has not fled. He remains. He needs the prayers of the Faithful, specifically on his behalf and for his specific intentions.

  7. Just another thought ABS,
    Before you condemn a righteous priest on the word of a Bishop who wants to sweep clerical pederasty under the rug, perhaps you should keep your attacks to yourself and pray for the suffering slandered priest and the Bishop who has committed the horrible acts against him.

  8. Anonymous, Venice floods every year. I went to school there decades ago and walked on plank boards across St Mark's Square square way back then.

  9. Susan , this is the worse it has been in fifty years and "St Mark's Cathedral has been compromised."

  10. Susan Matthiesen , This is the most damaging flood Venice has experienced.

    "Venice is used to being constantly surrounded by water, but this is really something else," said Toto Bergamo Rossi, the director of Venetian Heritage, an organization that seeks to preserve the city's cultural patrimony, in a phone interview. "The main issue is saltwater. When salt permeates the materials of these buildings -- be them marble, tiling, plaster or wood -- it crystallizes and ascends vertically once the weather gets drier, from the ground to the first floor and so on. It's almost like a cancer for these structures, all the more so when they are so old. The entire wall system can be affected."
    Bergamo Rossi said that St. Mark's Basilica is currently the most badly affected, because it's one of the city's oldest buildings and therefore it sits lower than the rest of Venice. The restoration process will need to pump out the water as soon as possible, and probably wash the whole space multiple times to get rid of saltwater.
    "Churches are also in bad shape. At the moment, they've basically turned into swimming pools. It's very sad. Many of them are quite low, and still use 18th century pews made of walnut wood. It'd be hard to save those from water damage," he added.
    "Luckily, artifacts and collections seem to have been spared, as they aren't usually stored on the ground floor."

  11. Dear Aqua. You pray for a putative Pope who is not a Pope and has repeatedly said publicly that claims he is Pope are absurd.

    Why bang on about this ceaselessly?

    This post has aught to do with your personal protestant judgement that Francis ain't Pope.

    Why not start your own blog and bang on about it there?

  12. Aqua, thank for reminding me to pray for Benedict by name. I have a darling granddaughter who when visiting always prays for "Pope Emeritus Benedict" at night prayers. But I will also pray for him by name more often.

  13. Aqua,
    This Pope is a classic Liberation Theologian. Read M Martin's book "The Jesuits" in order to understand more fully the role the Jesuits played in S America and how they purchased Marxist Communist curricula via Cuba for their Parochial schools throughout S America.
    I asked a recent relocated Argentinian how Borgoglio governed the Church in his country back in 2013..........He said he destroyed everything that was Catholic in his nation.
    Pray always God's Will be Done Aqua because He will always do for our good and Borgolio may be his instrument of chastisement.

  14. "Why bang on about this ceaselessly?

    This post has aught to do with your personal protestant judgement that Francis ain't Pope.

    Why not start your own blog and bang on about it there?"

    Like you did ABS ,co slandering poor Fr John Gallagher and ridding PB Diocese of one of ONLY several heterosexual real priests who know sodomy is a sin , especially the sin of destroying the innocence of a child through sexual abuse?
    Please stop posing as a Catholic yourself on all these Catholic blogs !

  15. Anonymous: As the Editor said - It’s “a Nineveh moment” ... “the signs of the times are serious indeed”.

    Something is seriously, seriously wrong. Faith and Morals are in total collapse. And no one (who can) is willing to declare the obvious cause; act according to the obvious; defend our Faith. Mewling.

    I’ve done what I can in my station in life: me and my family have left the New Order Mass forever. The Traditional Latin Mass and the SSPX Priests are as far away from the New Order as can be. I see this now. Glorious. It all came back, as if I never left. Confession - orthodox, challenging, from a *Father* in full. Prayers before. Prayers after. All show up early and stay late for the prayers. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The building is tiny, poor, but the people are amazing - hanging on every word and deed upon the Holy Altar. That I can (did) do.

    We must act. In the face of collapse, we must see, pray, analyze, study, choose, act. Act. Do.

    Jonah could not run away. He tried to hide. He tried to ignore his duty and pretend all was as it always was. Sail away and just be invisible. No. Not invisible. God required Jonah to act and to deliver His message. Nineveh’s repentance or judgement both depended upon Jonah’s prophecy.

    We also know what’s wrong, or should. Now, do something about it. While there is still time.

  16. To Everyone:

    1) VENICE: For crying out loud. Venice has flooded every year for simply hundreds of years. They KNOW this. They need to stop crying about it and DO go over to the mainland and get a few hundred sub-pumps and pump the water out of the church and into some sort of large containers. The church is right by the sea so a BOAT could take the containers filled with water out of there and dump it into the sea out by the Lido. It's HIGH TIDE folks. Happens EVERY year. And if this year it's higher than I said...they KNOW this is an annual occurrence so should have done something about it DECADES ago instead of waiting for the church to flood so badly, wringing their hands and blaming it on global warming.

    2) ANTI-POPE BERGOGLIO: Now now ABS, don't have a fit that I called him that..and stop picking on Aqua. We can call him anything we want. After all, YOU call him the POPE when he was INVALIDLY elected by the gang of sodomites in the Sankt Gallen Mafia! Benedict can certainly still be the pope since his "resignation" was invalid, and since he said that he will still live in the enclosure of the Vatican, he still wears white, he still wears his papal ring, and he still gives his Papal Blessing. So here's the deal - you think what you want, I will think what I want. So just. stop. it.

  17. Like you did ABS ,co slandering poor Fr John Gallagher and ridding PB Diocese of one of ONLY several heterosexual real priests who know sodomy is a sin , especially the sin of destroying the innocence of a child through sexual abuse?
    Please stop posing as a Catholic yourself on all these Catholic blogs !

    You have no idea who Fr. Gallagher is whereas ABS knows several members of Holy Cross, including one most would describe as a liberal.

    He said. "Poor Father Gallagher is insane, we all know it, even those of us who are in the choir."

    It was Father Gallagher who invited the perp priest to assist him at Holy Cross and it was that Priest who tried to seduce the young male and it was the Father of the young male, not Father Gallagher, who called the cops on the perv priest.

    Father Gallagher did not alert Bishop Barbarito about the incidence, as is required, but he did claim he was the one who called the cops.

    Fr Gallagher has mental health problems and he is a liar.

    No wonder you defend him.

    ABS proposes a deal. ABS will send his contact information to Mary Ann and you do the same. Then, we can contact each other and arrange to meet. Them we can, um, hash out our differences.

  18. Dear Susan. ABS did not pitch a fit because you called Pope Francis but he notes you refused to respond when challenged to read the "thermonuclear" thingy written by Bullets in which she claims the writings of Cardinal Ratzinger - about others - are his ideas and beliefs when it is clear as day Ratzinger is writhing about others.

    How do we know he was writing about others?

    He quoted them directly by name and they were footed by name in what he was writing.

    The freak out is your psychological projection.

    Bishop Emeritus Ratzinger wears his episcopal ring, he does not wear the Papal Ring ; after he resigned the papal ring had two deep cuts made in its face so it can never be used as a seal. Maybe it was a double secret ceremony meaning he is Pope?

    Ratzinger had the intention to resign, he did resign, and has repeatedly said claims he didn't are absurd.

    Susan, You can call the papal abdicator Pope, King, or President.

    Pope Francis was validly elected as can be infallibly known by the universal acceptance of his election. It was only after a few years that folks began to claim he wasn't validly elected.

    One the one hand we have the election of Francis infallibly certain and not he other hand we have you, and Aqua, and a few others claiming that he man who repeatedly says he isn't Pope, is the Pope.

    Good luck with all of that :)

  19. ABS,

    'Fr Gallagher has mental health problems and he is a liar.'
    and you sir are what?

    If Fr Gallagher invited the priest to assist him ,it was on the go ahead of Barbarito who had to have the perp priest's record on file from his Bishop in India prior to any assignment in his Diocese. Got that?

    Fr Gallagher convinced the perp to turn himself into the police and the Police attested to that fact by even endorsing Fr Gallgher's assistance in a letter to the Vatican which was published in the Newspapers.

    As far as Pope Francis is concerned, OBVIOUSLY you did not hear McCarrick's tell all speech at Villanova prior to his election...a clear tell tale violation of conclave rules admitting outside lobbying by an influential Italian gentleman. Worse even still is the admission of a Communist St Gallen Mafia Group who plotted to have a communist elected to the Papacy.

    In 2002, this writer was sent a notarized copy of testimony from a couple in Texas who heard Dodd speak about planting over 1200 communist party members into seminaries across the US in order to destroy the Church. Alice von Hildebrand distributed these copies to certain writers and added that Dodd admitted ONLY homosexual party members would take on that assignment.
    Toby Westerman of INA also rec'd a copy.Educate yourself to the truth and the facts ABS !

    The document also testified to the fact that Dodd said she answered to Communist cardinal bosses already in the Vatican....and that was in 1939 !

    No sir, we have nothing to "hash out" because you are living under the delusion that you have al the next Ash Wednesday ,get your ashes and ride up and down Palm Beach hoping to insult or challenge the Jews there again as you once stated on your now defunct stupid blog.
    Your missives are a pollution on the Internet to anyone who knows the Faith.

  20. ABS.........Try posting your stupid theories and arguments here
    and see how that works for you !

  21. @ Anonymous 4:16pm : I have M. Martin’s Windswept House on my shelf. Jesuits is on my Kindle. I haven’t got past the famous Black Mass preface, which I am firmly convinced he had first or second hand knowledge of. I believe that was the devil’s first explicit strike in this spiritual war.

    I don’t quite know what to make of Malachi Martin. His biography is ... interesting.

    Is he legit? I am most interested in why he laicized himself. He continued to offer the Mass, privately, until his death. He obviously was impacted by something he knew inside. Again, how confident can I be in his Catholic orthodoxy? I would like to read more of him, but have always been hesitant, due to the grave nature of his topics. I need to trust my source with books like this.

  22. Thank you, and good luck to you too in all your future idol worship.

  23. Aqua - THE JESUITS is excellent. It isn't a novel - it's facts. When you read it you will see that what Pedro Arrupe did to the Jesuit Order (for which he was REMOVED by JPII) Bergoglio is doing to the Church at large. I'm sure Malachi Martin was laicized because he disagreed with the fact that the Jesuit Order was turned into a socialist Modernist heretical entity and he wanted no part of that.
    Since Arrupe was REMOVED as Superior General of the Jesuits for his disobedience and heterodoxy, I say that Bergoglio should likewise be REMOVED for the same reasons.

  24. Aqua, Fr Constantine Belisarius of Seton Home Study ,a Melkite Archamandrite , was also a Jesuit for some time having done his Novitiate in Teilhard de Chardin's cell.
    He assured me Martin's book ,"The Jesuits" was spot on and he left the Order disillusioned in it's orthodoxy as did Martin.
    Martin was released from his vows by the Jesuit General ,except for the vow of chastity.
    ( NOT celibacy)
    Martin introduced the Orthodox widow , Kakia Levanos , his landlady and sponsor who held "Writer's Salons" for him in NYC, to mutual friends as his "wife", they share the same headstone.
    Martin was a Paleographer at the Vatican's Biblical Institute.
    I recommend reading his book "The Rise and Decline of the Roman Catholic Church" too published in 1983.
    He also knew about "Agnes" as did Cdl Gagnon , Steve Brady and Atty James Bendell of RCF and her testimonial at the Vatican concerning Cdl Bernardin, who sexually abused her as a priest in Charleston Diocese, during a Satanic Mass.
    Malachi , like Richard Sipe and so many other scandalized laity and religious ,was well aware of the homosexual clerical plague infecting the Church long before it became public and newsworthy . Martin was a much maligned friend because he worked for Cdl Bea during Vatican Two but then Ratzinger was also at Vatican Two dressed in secular attire. Before he died he said privately to several friends that the FBI had questioned him as to why Bea traveled with fake documents to NYC during the Council.

    I hope this helps in your understanding . I urge you to read his factual books.

  25. Editor: Thank you. Based on your recommendation, I’ll begin (but Windswept House first). Sounds like the companion book to Jesuits.

  26. Anonymous. Yes it does. Thank you. I’ve read variations on that over the years. An enigmatic figure, to be sure.

    I’ve had the “rise and decline” book in my queue for a while. Punched the button.


  27. best described as a faction......
    Go for the facts first
    This is the facts behind the premise of the book which he also refers to as the "Super Force" in the Vatican in his fact based book, "The Keys of This Blood". It was an Enthronement Ceremony in the Vatican according to Malachi.

    [PDF]AMDG Queer Nation 2000 revision - The Roman ... › pdfs › AMDGSpringSummer2000
    Feb 18, 2000 - child known as Agnes, along with the 1998 murder of. Fr. Alfred Kunz, (a priest advisor to RCF) and many other Church-related events will be ...

  28. 'Fr Gallagher has mental health problems and he is a liar.'
    and you sir are what?

    Dear Sweep out the filth. A faithful Catholic. You don't know a singe soul at Holy Name nor do you know that Fr.Gallagher had 11 - ELEVEN - assignments in the two years prior to his Holy Name assignment. What other priest do you know who has to be moved that frequently?

    If Fr Gallagher invited the priest to assist him ,it was on the go ahead of Barbarito who had to have the perp priest's record on file from his Bishop in India prior to any assignment in his Diocese. Got that?

    Bishop Barbarito did get the response from India and it did not cotain the entire record. That is not his fault.

    Fr Gallagher convinced the perp to turn himself into the police and the Police attested to that fact by even endorsing Fr Gallgher's assistance in a letter to the Vatican which was published in the Newspapers.

    Th police record shows it was the boy's father, not Father Gallagher who informed the cops. Fr Gallagher did not even notify the Diocese as was his responsibility to do so.

    Father Gallagher did not tell the cops about the perp priest, he did not have the locks changed on him, he was not refused medical coverage. He has a long track record of racial bias against Hispanics and he installed a bar in the rectory.

    Your missives are a pollution on the Internet to anyone who knows the Faith.

    For most men, those are fighting words But you refuse to meet with me. You are a coward Sweep out the filth.

    For those interested, here is the response to he string of lies issued by Fr Gallagher.

    For the record, the reason ABS defended Bishop Barbarito is because the truth matters and you are ignorant about the situation.

    ABS has not noted that he has written Bishop Barbarito many times concerning The Real Mass, problems with the prose and praxis of Pope Francis etc etc and he has not responded.

    C’et la vie. Sweep Out The Filth. You’d be wise to stop pursuing ABS and badgering him with your lies and insults…


  30. Hey ABS and Anonymous, I'm not posting any more of your argument. If you know each other, then argue by email. If you don't know each other then pray the rosary for each other (and for Fr. Gallagher).