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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

If You Wondered Where the Apostolic Nuncio Stands on the Francis New Church....

Go tell those American bishops to
get behind my magisterium!
....wonder no more!

Vatican envoy tells U.S. bishops to get in line with Pope Francis in ‘bomb-drop’ address

Does Pope’s representative hope to silence US bishops’ questions?

It seems the papal nuncio is living in an alternate universe with absolutely no understanding of orthodox Catholics in the United States (or anywhere else in the world for that matter). Let me spell it out for him.

Your Excellency, Faithful Catholics have had it with the Francis new Church agenda: with pagan idols and freak show Masses, with ambiguous and confusing statements that undercut doctrine, with mean-spirited criticism of the orthodox. We are putting on the armor of God and fighting for our Church! 
Like the Arians and Pope Liberius, the heretics think they can overcome 2000 years of apostolic teaching. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH! It can NEVER happen because the Holy Spirit is on watch, but He pours His spirit out on those who put themselves under the Kingship of Jesus Christ. And that, Your Excellency, is where we are on the battlefield following His standard under the command of His 12-star general, our Blessed Mother!
So -- what did Christophe Pierre say to the bishops?

The nuncio told them to get behind Francis and measure their "communion" with him by measuring "to what extent we and our local churches have received the Magisterium of Pope Francis."

Hmm...what does that mean? I never heard the term "magisterium" used like that.

Does the "magisterium" reside in Pope Francis all by himself? Can he make papal pronouncements (to journalists like the atheist Scalfari and on the papal airplane) and expect the faithful to just go along with it because he's the magisterium?

Doesn't sound right to me! Does it sound right to you?

Is he the magisterium?

Or are THEY the magisterium in union with Peter?
So I looked up the term Magisterium. The Catholic Dictionary defines it thus:
The Church's teaching authority, vested in the bishops, as successors of the Apostles, under the Roman Pontiff, as successor of St. Peter. Also vested in the Pope, as Vicar of Christ and visible head of the Catholic Church. (Etym. Latin magister, master.)
For further elucidation, I pulled out Fr. John Hardon's Pocket Catholic Dictionary which separates Magisterium into the "Magisterium, Extraordinary" and "Magisterium, Ordinary." I'll give both definitions in full:
Magisterium, Extraordinary: The Church's teaching office exercised in a solemn way, as in formal declarations of the Pope or of ecumenical councils of bishops approved by the Pope. When the extraordinary magisterium takes the form of papal definitions or conciliar decisions binding on the consciences of all the faithful in matters of faith and morals, it is infallible.
Magisterium, Ordinary: The teaching office of the hierarchy under the Pope, exercised normally, that is, through the regular means of instructing the faithful. These means are all the usual channels of communication, whether written, spoken, or practical. When the ordinary magisterium is also universal, that is, collectively intended for all the faithful, it is also infallible.
Neither of these definitions seems to offer a case where the pope, acting on his own, is "the magisterium." But that's what the nuncio seemed to imply. Francis is a papal dictator whose individual opinions, that often conflict with the "magisterial" teachings of the past, should be treated as infallible pronouncements. Not only that, but the bishops, and presumably the faithful, have a moral obligation to get in line behind Peter no matter what he says or does. Really? This brings to mind Jesus telling Peter, "Get behind me, Satan!" Where exactly is "Peter" at this point in the 21st century?

Let's consider ex cathedra statements affirmed by the extraordinary magisterium. Did past popes declare them without consultation with their brothers? No!  For example, in May 1946 as Pope Pius XII considered declaring the doctrine of the Assumption of Mary, he sent out a questionnaire to ALL THE BISHOPS OF THE CATHOLIC WORLD! The text read:
Do you, Venerable Brethren, in view of the wisdom and prudence that is yours, judge that the bodily Assumption of the Blessed Virgin can be proposed and defined as a dogma of faith; and do you, along with your clergy and faithful desire it?
The answers coming back were an almost unanimous and enthusiastic yes!

And so, on November 1, 1950 Pope Pius XII declared the solemn ex cathedra definition:
by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and by Our Own authority, We pronounce, declare, and define as divinely revealed dogma: The Immaculate Mother of God, Mary ever Virgin after her life on earth, was assumed, body and soul to the glory of heaven. 
Pope Pius XII declares the doctrine of the assumption 

Pope Pius XII used the extraordinary magisterial power invested in him as the Holy Father to make the pronouncement as Peter, but he was no one-man wonder. He consulted his bishops and waited four years to get their responses and affirmation of his intended action.

Francis talks a lot about synodality, but the only synod fathers he appears to listen to are the men who populate his echo chamber. Pope Pius XII acted more like a synodal pope than Francis ever has.

I'm sure there were many happy clappy bishops (Cardinal Cupich et al) nodding their heads like bobble-head dolls as Pierre took those obstreperous and troglodyte American bishops who defend the faith to the woodshed. The faithful shepherds will no doubt get the cold shoulder from Francis when they go for their ad limina visits. But we laity will continue to pray for them and for Holy Mother Church and urge them to defend us from the wolves in roman collars. We promise they won't be alone. We have their backs! Many Catholic crusaders will be holding our ground wearing the full armor of God with truth as our belt and carrying the sword of the Spirit, the word of God. In the spirit of the Catholics of the Vendee we will put on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and fight the new spirit of the evil, dark "enlightenment."

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!


  1. [Dear Mrs. K--Please use this text--revised for some typos, if you decide to publish it. Thank you]

    The good soldier Pierre is accurate to single out Francis's 'magisterium' as something new and different. And of course he would like the U. S. bishops--the most discredited class of men in America--to compel fealty, observance and obedience from the rank and file sheep in the pew. That would be you and me.

    Permit me to explain why that will never be forthcoming.

    First I'll note that you, Mrs. Kreitzer, are quite right to ask a few questions in this regard, and to clearly contrast and distinguish Francis's 'teaching' with traditional Catholic teaching, the latter alone being the Magisterium in the proper sense.

    To eliminate confusion, and toward truth in advertising, I suggest that we as traditional Catholic men and women in America--those who tenaciously hold firm to a Catholic sense and sensibility, let's call it the sensus fidelium--tab, label, designate and define Francis's teaching as the Anti-Magisterium, as distinguished from the traditional Magisterium of Holy Mother Church.

    Let's briefly review, the Francis Anti-'magisterium': it would have to include such classics as idol worship on a Sunday in St Peter's Basilica no less and other churches around Rome; Stang-wielding at Mass [October 2018] also in the Vatican. And let's not omit such revelations as that God made some men homosexual and loves them that way too; that there is no Hell [Holy Week 2018]; that Christ is not divine; and that the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the dead never happened. and of course the new liturgical pastoral practices never to genuflect in front of the Blessed Sacrament, whether at Mass, Consecration, or Eucharistic Adoration. You might call this Francis's ordinary Anti-'magisterium'.

    An Anti-Magisterium is only to be expected from an Anti-pope.

    And Antipope Francis the Apostate has fittingly pushed his own unique party--the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church--never before known to be part of the Church, along with his unique "teachings."

    And for this we thank him, for he has revealed who he is and who he is working for.

    Both of these two projects so dear to Francis's heart--such as it is--reveal him as a liar and murderer, very much like his master. For the teachings, like the Network itself formerly led by Ted McCarrick, aim by nature and design to slaughter the sheep.

    This deadly reality is the inherent risk--completely missed by good Cardinal Burke recently in his foray into the NYTimes--in countenancing Francis, whether you perceive him as antipope or not.

    Let me be clear. The party and the teachings of Francis aim at the slaughter, a new slaughter, of the innocents.... Of our children. Our friends. The poor and weak.

    And of us all.

    Antipope Francis must be resisted. We pray to the Immaculate Heart for help to defeat her enemies, that we may with her:

    "Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, for alone thou hast destroyed all heresies."

  2. Get in line, frankophiles. We're waiting for bishops and priests to preach humanae vitae. (Attendance to which, by the way, would solve for most of the other problems cited as more important than abortion including poverty). Just look at all the income struggles of single families, for example. Mom and Dad matters!

  3. We are indeed in a fight. It is for the Church against those in robes who seek to destroy it.

    This fight on our part will not succeed unless we are prepared to engage the battle on every level---with our immediate family members, our fellow parishioners, our pastor, our bishop, and the papal nuncio who presents us with a doctrine we cannot and must not accept because we know it is false and comes from a communist and his croies.

    The fight is no longer somewhere over there. It is here and now in our face and if we are to remain Catholic, we must stand up for Christ, reject all error and be prepared to defend the one truth which is found ONLY in the long established, ancient traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

  4. Get in line with a heretic? Like hell I will.

  5. Liberals like Pope Francis seem blind to the reality that they are sappers of their own authority.

    IF he thinks his magisterium is different than the Magisterium that preceded him (The Magisterium perdures over time) and that his Magisterium can correct or change the Magisterium that existed before his, then he is teaching that the magisterium is of temporary and temporal authority which ss another way of saying political.

    BTW< that is what Cardinal Ratzinger did when his CDF said that previous encyclicals had been voided- the ones contrary to religious liberty - and that we have made peace with 1798. Ratzinger the sapper did not see how destructive of authority he was.

    If his magisterium can, say, teach that Capital Punishment is not acceptable any future Pope can reiterate that it is acceptable.

    ABS is a proponent of identifying with the Original Deposit of Faith, not magisterium.

    Pope Francis can man-up and try and change THAT

  6. The Church belongs to Christ.

    Christ is Truth, the Word.

    The Church makes Christ, the Word, present every day, everywhere.

    Christ is in us, we are in Him, the marriage of Bride to Groom - Holy Church to Jesus Christ, (“that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you”; John 17:21 ... repeated three times, urgently, his last recorded words during His Passion).

    What is the Magisterium? It is the Teaching Authority of the Church to deliver the Word intact and whole to every person in every age until the end of time. Disconnect from Christ, the Word? Dead.

    The *Francis* Magisterium is *by definition* dead.

    The *Magisterium* is Truth, the Word, Jesus Christ.

    The *Francis* Magisterium is the ravings an Argentinian man.

  7. BrotherBeowulf: Thank you for your comments above. I wonder if I can ask you if you can tell me where Pope Francis has condoned the following and I quote your post in this: "that Christ is not divine; and that the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the dead never happened. and of course the new liturgical pastoral practices never to genuflect in front of the Blessed Sacrament, whether at Mass, Consecration, or Eucharistic Adoration." I have read about instances of the other heresies you state in your post but not these. Will you kindly point me to where the above quoted statements appear either in his own words or words of his henchmen. Thank you for your enlightenment.

    Mrs. Rosalia M. Antinore email:

  8. Give it up ABS !

    Have some intellectual honesty here. you supported the heinous actions of your Bishop Barbarito against a solid Irish priest who convinced a fellow indian Priest oederast to turn himself in to the police which he did. Afterwards he was punished by your Bishop who has told the Press in his previous assignment that no priest's name guilty or innocent should appear in the News.
    You had the temerity to defend the Bishop because you said you knew Hispanics who did not like this good priest simply because he did not run out after Mass to shake their hands.Shame on you ! Writing in the third person does nothing to help your credibility either.

  9. Rosalia Antinore: Any idea why there is a *Francis* Magisterium, and not just a Magisterium?

    Could it be ... divergence?

  10. Hey Bro. A—it’s not mere divergence. It’s outright opposition . . . to the Catholic Faith.

    It’s outright opposition to—and open disdain for—Christ. Didn’t Rise; Was Not Divine; “Became the devil for us” (Casa Santa Marta homily on it around April 4, 2017–on Vatican website!). Chief of the Network. Et cetera.

    Pachamama Francis-Synod versus Our Lady of Guadalupe.

    Francis v. Fatima.

    An Anti-Magisterium for an Antipope.

    Quite fitting.