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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Speaking Truth to Heresy: The Growing List Calling Out the Disastrous Amazon Synod

Who are these synod fathers who betrayed Christ
by carrying the Pachamama idol into the synod hall?
A growing list of clerics and others are condemning the idol worship at the Vatican and urging reparation.

Let us atone for the idolatry with prayer and sacrifice! And pray for all those clerics, theologians, etc. speaking the truth out of concern for their flocks. To defend the faith is not an attack on the pope. When Paul admonished Peter, he was Peter's greatest friend. Pray for Pope Francis and respond to the Blessed Mother's call for penance. Those who can (and have in the past) wounded Holy Mother Church the most have been popes and bishops betraying their call to defend the faith. Thank God for all these clerics and laymen who have spoken out against the synod of shame!

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller

Fr. Mitch Pacwa

Msgr. Charles Pope

Archbishop Vigano

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

The Four Exorcists

Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican

George Weigel author and columnist

Cardinal Walter Brandmueller, one of the Dubia Cardinals

Bishop José Luis Azcona, Emeritus Bishop of Marajó in the Amazon
Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino, archbishop emeritus of Caracas, Venezuela

José Luis Azcona Hermoso, the Bishop Emeritus of the Brazilian city of Marajó


Siena said...

Mary Ann......why do you give our sacrilegious pope the benefit of the doubt? He has proven he is a complicit fool of the devil.

Chriss Rainey said...

I think we can add to that list the anti-communist organization of Tradition, Family, and Property and its courageous warrior Alexander Tschugguel.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I don't disagree with you, Siena although I'm not sure "fool" is the right word. It implies foolishness rather than malice, and it seems to me that his actions are malicious in may cases.

Sad to say, with regard to evil popes, he's not the first although he may be the worst.

Donna Bethell said...

Mary Ann, don't forget those who signed the protest:

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

Not to worry, just hope this is what he proclaims:

And re: Bergoglian hesresy is the worst, in all history:

Mary Ann K, If you read this man's history and how he rose to power in Argentina [his fatherland to which he refuses to return for a visit], you realize you are spot on - he is no fool and he acts with design, purpose and intent - which all appear now to be demonic.

Guy, Texas

stephen cooper said...

Let not your hearts be troubled, my friends.

Hear me out.

The real war between good and evil was won a long time ago.
We know that Jesus, as a human being, took part in that war, and could have won the war by himself, but we also know that Saint Michael the Archangel, and various Cherubim and Seraphim, also took part.

We live in a world where the war against evil has been won. Sure, once in a while, in an evil moment, Saint John Paul II may have kissed a book that had words of direct hatred in it for the Jews, and indirect hatred in it for our beloved Virgin Mary, and even for our own Christian fathers and mothers - and sure, maybe Cardinal Ratzinger may have literally, in an evil moment, slapped the hand of a journalist who sought to defend the victims of clerical abuse of innocent young people. My friends, we all know that Father Bergoglio likely never entertained the thought he was not a wonderful person ---- such are the deformations of Jesuit training ---- but it is not really completely his fault that he was given a job for which he is not qualified.

My friends, let us pray for our fellow soldiers, and let us remember that even the ones who seem to have gone to the other side ---- the side where unborn children are not cared for, where abortionists are given effusive praise by Pontiffs, the side where rich clerical predators are protected as if they were part of a Mafia and not people who had pledged to follow the great Apostles, the side where the overweight Bergoglio, the foul-mouthed Bergoglio, chastises millions among his flock for being gluttonous, for being unkind with their words ---- let us remember that every single Christian soul deserves our prayers, including our poor Pope.

And there are only two possible results for any of our lives. Either we will see justice done, and will know that we have done all that we can to be kind to each other, even our foul-mouthed and functionally pro-choice brethren like poor Bergoglio, who may still convert one day, or we will never see justice done --- because we have forgotten what Jesus told us, to pray for each other incessantly.

"Pray always" does not seem like all that difficult of an injunction - after all, prayer is communication with God, and what could be better ----- but we all know that it is easy to forget that we must "pray incessantly", whether or not the current Bishop of Rome is a saint or a grievous sinner.

Kathleen1031 said...

He has a few times this week refused to end a Mass or gathering with the sign of the cross.
He's doing everything he can to wreck the faith, in fact, he acts like a man who desires to be kicked out by some methodology. It seems it's his intentional effort to make his apostasy more brazen each week, each act outdoes the last, although his worst was his blessing over the demon idol Pachamama and the pagans, he had no trouble making the sign of the cross over that and them. Breaking the First Commandment on sacred ground, with bonus points, it being the Feast of Christ the King. He is aware of traditional calendars and uses them for added insult.
He blesses Pachamama, but he refuses (twice now) to bless the people or adore God by making the sign of the cross.
Please God, where is the remedy for this pustule.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks Donna, I added a link to the site.

stephen cooper said...

Kathleen, who knows who among us will be able to successfully convert this poor sad old man from his idolatry?

I have many friends whose children have abandoned the faith they were raised in, these friends ask the same question: who will convince my children that God loves us, and that idolatry is wrong?

I don't have the answers. Only God has the answers. Please join me in praying for the poor foul-mouthed man with so little kindness in his heart for the victims of his abortion-loving ideology, as if you were praying for one of the children God wanted to give to you as a gift, knowing you had the good heart of a woman who was destined to be the mother of a human being.

Maybe that will work, maybe it will not, all you can do, as a child of God, is try your best to pray for people who need your prayers.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Ora et labora.

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

Stephen C, An old priest [old now] who batpized many many children of parents who now bemoan the fact that these same children have 'left' the faith, tells the parents that God their Father seeks them with all His love and power, He seeks them every minute of every day, that He does everything divinely possible to have them come to Him, and that seeds the parents planted will bloom; perhaps not in their time, but in God's time. He also tells them that they are the best parents for praying these children back to Him. Ditto re Jorge B, he has received the grace, God's life, of many sacraments, the seends are planted.

Kathleen 1031, Now you've gone and insulted every pimple by comparing them to Jorge B.

Guy, Texas