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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Poor Virginia: God Have Mercy on Catholics who Voted for Pro-Abortion Politicians Yesterday!

Democrats win full control of Virginia statehouse

I thank God I don't put my trust in men, because if I did I'd be under the bed sucking my thumb this morning. The godless culture of death won the Virginia statehouse yesterday. And, let's face it, Northern Virginia, Richmond, and the Norfolk/Hampton Roads area are in control of the state. The results don't speak for the people of Virginia, but for the carpetbaggers who flock to the seat of power outside Washington, D.C. and the liberals who populate the cities. My rural county went strongly for the pro-life conservatives. God bless my delegate, Todd Gilbert, who stood up to the evil espoused by Kathy Tran whose bill introduced last season would allow abortion up to the moment of birth. She may reintroduce it now that the death peddlers are running the slaughter house.

As I attended Mass this morning, I wondered how many daily Communicants voted yesterday for pro-abortion politicians. Sad to say, there are probably many. It's heart-rending! How can any Catholic these days be invincibly ignorant about Democrat policies? The murder of the unborn and even the murder of unwanted newborns who manage to survive abortion is a sacrament to them. They herald the abomination of same-sex "marriage" from the rooftops. They advocate hate and violence against all who disagree with them harassing Republicans in restaurants, movie theaters, at the gas pumps -- even celebrating the mass shooting at the ball field in Alexandria that nearly killed Steve Scalise. That's the kind of barbarians Democrats have become.

Democrats are a party without charity or human decency. They are happy to pick YOUR pocket for freebies to their voter base, but many give almost nothing in personal charity unless it's to fund population control or their lobby base. That's not to say individual Catholic Democrats aren't "nice" people. I know that from personal experience. But what will they say to Christ on Judgment Day when he shows them the little ones whose lives were cut short by their support of the party of child-killing? Somehow, I don't think "nice" will cut it!

I confess I'm broken-hearted to think of what the political sins of Catholics is doing to our country.

My thoughts this morning took me back to an incident with a daily communicant years ago. 

Harry was a retired lawyer, part of the defense team for Leona Helmsley, the wealthy "Queen of Mean" who left her money to the dogs (literally). Harry sat behind us at daily Mass and we exchanged the sign of peace every morning. During one of Mark Warner's early runs for political office in Virginia, I noticed that Harry had Warner's bumper sticker on the back of his car. 

Now that was a problem! 

Not only was (and is) Mark Warner a pro-abortion politician, he even advocated the gruesome partial birth abortion where a baby is pulled feet first from the womb after which the abortionists stabs the little one in the back of the neck, sucks out the brain, and then delivers a dead intact body. Talk about diabolical. He was rabidly pro-abortion among his other liberal, godless policies.

I prayed for weeks about talking to Harry. We'd never exchanged a word outside Mass. One day before Mass as I was praying about it I got the interior thought, "There's no time like the present." My guardian angel perhaps? "Okay, Lord, I said to myself." So I went out after Mass and with a big smile introduced myself saying, "We've never really met, but I see you every morning at Mass." A big smile was on his face as we shook hands, but it disappeared with my next sentence. "I've noticed the bumper sticker on your car." He began to walk away with me following. "Mark Warner is pro-abortion and even supports partial birth abortion. It's a scandal to have that on your car." He got into the driver's seat and closed the door. I raised my voice a little since the window was up. "Catholics can't support that!" He drove off.

The next day Harry moved to the opposite side of the church where he wouldn't have to exchange the sign of peace with me. I usually sat in the opposite pew and we were face to face coming out for Communion. I always smiled at him. To this day I pray for the repose of his soul because he died a few years later. He was very generous financially putting large checks in the poor box. A wealthy man, he could certainly afford it. I hope God will forgive me for the cynical thought that he was trying to buy his way into heaven.

Picking up babies (after their body parts are removed for sale) to dispose as "medical waste."
Well, today I'm praying for all Catholics who get up, go to morning Mass, receive Communion, and then go to the polls and vote for politicians who murder the living image of God. I've not seen any pro-abortion stickers in the parking lot this season, but no doubt there are some voters with Democrat stamped on their minds and hearts. I'll be praying for them. 

During November I'm skipping lunch in reparation for my own sins and the sins of the world. I'm a terrible faster, but with the serious situation we're in, I can't keep making excuses. Today when my stomach starts growling I'll offer my hunger for those in my little rural parish who go to Mass and then go to vote for those who, by their votes, kill the least of God's little ones. 

Have mercy on Virginia, Lord, the cradle of freedom, whose government has become a champion of empty cradles and smoking incinerators filled with "medical waste!" May God have mercy on us!


  1. In my Northern Virginia precinct the Democratic candidates for the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates ran unopposed. Hard to lose when you have no opponent - no Republican, no Independent. Gerry Bruen

  2. Gosh, no Knights up there who could have run? So sad, so stupid. But the Republicans are pretty stupid these days. As Joe Sobran always said, the Democrats are the evil party and the Republicans are the stupid party. They proved that when they undermined Ken Cuccinelli for governor. I've never given a penny to the Republican committee since then -- just candidates.