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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Bob Marshall and Fr. Steven Reuter Advise Us on the State of the Nation and Our Response

Vandals desecrated the Ottawa monument to victims of Communism

In these challenging times we need to welcome voices of sanity giving us a right perspective on our present times. I offer two this morning, former Virginia State Delegate, Bob Marshall, and Fr. Steven Reuter, a priest of the SSPX.

I've known Bob Marshall for most of my adult life. He's a pro-life hero who served as the conscience of the Virginia legislature for 26 years. Then he was targeted by a man masquerading as a woman whose qualifications for political office included a political ad putting on his makeup. Outside money flooded into Virginia for Bob's opponent. That voters elected Dan Roem in 2017 and reelected him in 2019 will forever be a blot on the history of a commonwealth that produced the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the father of the Constitution, James Madison. 

But I digress.

When Bob Marshall writes an article, I read it and encourage others to read it as well. As a Catholic Bob knows, as I do, that to give a bad Catholic power invites the whirlwind. And when a bad Catholic steals power, the people are in for an even rockier ride. We are about to see many wicked laws introduced, voted on, and implemented by Joe Biden's signature. There is no worldly brake on the behemoth racing to crush our lives and our freedoms. 

Ah...but we who love the Lord don't depend on worldly solutions. We look to the spiritual -- to the power of God who loves us more than we can ever fathom. And so I bring Fr. Reuter into this conversation. I first met him last March when he began offering fairground Masses in Front Royal to feed the starving flock after Bishop Burbidge suspended Masses in the diocese. Catholic families banded together and begged the Virginia SSPX seminary to help us. They did. From that time we heard the inspired word of God and welcomed it with grateful hearts. Reassigned to Toronto, Fr. Reuter continues to feed the flock through his sermons.

It's important now for all people who love this country to understand the nature and character of our rulers. Furthermore, we need to recognize the purpose of law and how to recognize when we have the obligation to obey and to resist. So I offer Bob's article, Understand a Radical Catholic's Agenda, and a sermon by Fr. Steven Reuter describing when we should comply or disobey a human law. 

As we face an avalanche of evil laws on the horizon to control freedom of speech, freedom of property, and even freedom to travel we need to understand the parameters that guide our own actions and decisions. Can this law be obeyed? What is our obligation as Catholics in response to government overreach? 

The California Department of Health recently put out an advisory saying Californians should not travel outside the state or even more than 120 miles from their residence within the state. Right now, this is a recommendation, but the future can be predicted by the past. We have seen before how tyrannical governments begin with the velvet glove and progress to the mailed fist. Study the history of Cuba.

As we prepare for what I pray is a peaceful transition on January 20th, despite what many believe was a rigged election, we need to recognize the seriousness of our situation. America has succumbed to creeping Communism and those who embrace its principals own two branches of government. If Biden stacks the Supreme Court which is highly likely, the Communists will own all three branches of government. You can call them socialists if you prefer, but the end result is the same, totalitarian rule by an elite class that talk about equality as they crush their "enemies." The beast has been stalking us for years and is now inside the gate. 

In 1960 the Catholic Welfare Bureau under Fr. Bryan Walsh began Operation Peter Pan to help Cuban families by welcoming their unaccompanied children into the country and placing them in foster care until their own parents could escape Castro's hobnailed boot. We were still a haven then offering hope to those trapped under Communist tyranny. Now the light is going out like it did in Europe in the 1930s and there's no place for freedom-loving people to run. That is not a reason for despair, but for hope.

God only allows evil that He may bring good from it. As the noose tightens, many will turn to God. And He will provide the grace and strength and courage to face whatever comes. So lift up your heads!

"Lift up your gates, O ye princes, and be ye lifted up, O eternal gates: and the King of Glory shall enter in." Psalm 24:9

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