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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

We live in an age of sacrilege. Check out the Fauci worship!

The other day I saw a horrible image on a friend's Facebook wall. It was a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with Fauci's face replacing the face of Christ. It was so sacrilegious that I won't show it. 

But there are plenty of other images in the Fauci worship shopping cart that turn this snake oil salesman into a replacement for God Himself or, at the very least, a super hero and the secular savior of the world. 

Talk about madness! what has Fauci done but add to the confusion. Masks aren't necessary; masks are mandatory. We need to flatten the curve; we need to stay locked down forever.

And then there's his stupid and irresponsible statement about people going ahead and risking hookups. And yet this pathetic little friend of Big Pharma is seen by many people as the "expert" on the Wuhan virus. 


I don't deny that he's a doctor with a medical degree, but he hasn't practiced real medicine in decades. Nevertheless, the frontline doctors get the hobnailed boot while Fauci gets the genuflections, hymns of praise, and plenty of fans among the panicked masses who put their trust in the CDC instead of God. It truly is nauseating!

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