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Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Coronavirus Gold Rush: The Virus was Planned, Patented, and Padded the Portfolios of People like Fauci!


While you watch the video consider that the CDC was the conduit with the "means, motive, and monetary gain" to take advantage of the Wuhan goldmine. Think about it. Love of money motivates the greedy. War is often promoted because so many people benefit from it. The same with the pandemic. And Fauci and Bill Gates are slated to make big bucks from all their patents. RFK Jr. has spoken about it on many occasions including in this podcast.

As the video illustrates, the virus and everything related to the virus was patented. Buckets of money benefit those involved. Remember that Anthony Fauci, a powerhouse at the CDC, was a chief opponent of sensible, cheap treatments for the virus like the hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) protocol and ivermectin. Instead he promoted the expensive and less effective remdesivirOpposition to HCQ and ivermectin was political as well as financial. Note that since Trump got the ax, the frenzy of attacks on hydroxychoroquine and ivermectin has waned. And, in fact, NIH on January 19th approved ivermectin for treating the virus. 

Fauci is no friend of Americans. Many died because of his erratic recommendations and his opposition to effective treatments as well as his opposition to Trump's travel ban. History will not treat him well. Check out my blog post from Wednesday describing his Chinese links. Fauci is an enemy of Americans, a traitor who is more invested in the success of the Chinese Communist Party than in protecting our people from China's biological warfare. As his star continues to rise under the CCP-compromised administration, watch for more bad news and unconstitutional attacks on our freedoms. He didn't want travel bans on China, but be sure there are likely to be travel restrictions on Americans. Fauci is now discussing mandatory vaccine passports to allow us to travel or for students to attend school. Can you spell totalitarian?

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