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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Wisdom from The Twilight Zone

A friend mentioned this episode of The Twilight Zone on his wall today. Are we here? Does the state have no use for our kind today? At the end of the episode Rod Serling closes, "Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man -- that state is obsolete." 

I'd say that pretty much describes the deep state. It recognizes no rights but those that belong to elitists like the Clintons, the Bidens, and others who use the treasury as their cash cow and treat the taxpayers like their slaves.

It takes patriots to fight against the ideology of evil. 

You can watch the entire Twilight Zone episode here. It's worth the 25 minutes because it's a warning of where we are headed and the impact one truth-teller can have. Remember the book burners at the riots? Remember the attacks by Antifa on those who disagree with their world view? The politicians who enabled and encouraged them are on full display in this video. They appear to win, but they will end up being consumed by their own evil.

In yesterday's post, I wrote about the devil eating his own. Nancy may not realize it yet, but she's obsolete. So are Chuck Schumer, Andrew Cuomo, the CNN media moguls and the rest of the elite crowd who are willing to sacrifice small businesses and the average worker to an evil ideology that despises the little guys and shrugs over their liquidation. They don't care about communities ravaged by opioids supplied by China or those whose businesses have been destroyed by their lockdowns -- lockdowns, incidentally, that do nothing to stop the spread of the Wuhan virus. They cheer for the murder of minority communities by Planned Parenthood and demand they stay open as they close and persecute churches.

At the end of The Obsolete Man, the librarian frees the chancellor from certain death when he begs "in the name of God." Those of us who love God and "serve according to His purpose" have nothing to fear -- no, not even from persecution inflicted by an evil state. Our most significant act of rebellion happens every time we kneel down to pray and get up to serve. Let's make 2021 truly a "year of the Lord." May God make us all like the three wise men of old who went in search of the King of Kings. As the Christmas card says, "wise men still seek Him."


Susan Matthiesen said...

Richard von Cudenhove-Kalergi, founder of the European Union, believed in open borders so that no diversity of peoples should exist - no whites, blacks, asians, indians, chinese, etc. He wanted all races to mix so that eventually all people would be INDIVIDUALS without allegiance to any country, culture, race or religion in ORDER THAT THEY COULD BE CONTROLLED FROM ABOVE BY THE AUTHORITIES.

Kalergi himself was half Hungarian and half Japanese.

umblepie said...

Well said, Mary Ann. I wish you and yours a blessed and happy New Year. BC.

Lauraelaina said...

Then explain why God created many races?

Unknown said...

The EU wanted open borders so the likes of the tyrants could travel between them unchecked