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Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Devil Always Eats His Own.... So Whom Do You Serve?

 Nancy Pelosi's House Vandalized -- Looks Like Antifa!

Every evil revolution ends up the same way. The instigators, who think they are the rulers, end up getting consumed by the violence they use to advance their own power. Robespierre ended up on the guillotine like the tens of thousands he murdered during he Reign of Terror in France. His fellow revolutionary, Jean-Paul Marat, was stabbed to death in his bath by Charlotte Corday. Think about how Jeffrey Epstein ended up, not to mention all the "coincidental deaths" associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Death of Marat 1793 by Jacques David

Communist and Fascist governments always engage in purges to eliminate their political rivals. Think of Hitler's Night of the Long Knives. Stalin did the same. But there are other ways to eliminate your enemies besides literal murder. Look at what happened to Robert Bork. That marked a turning point in the tactics of the Democrats, and Joe Biden was one of the evil men involved in the murder of a good man's reputation. The Democrats tried to repeat it with Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh. And for four years they've stalked President Trump.

We are in for a rough ride if Joe Biden is installed as the illegitimate president on January 20th following what looks like the most corrupt election in our history.

As Gary Barnett wrote today at Lew Rockwell, "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: The Worst Is Yet to Come." And, as he points out, we are the ones to blame which echoes an old line from the Pogo comic strip. "We have met the enemy and he is us."



turkeyridge said...

Don't say We, White Woman. I ain't part of the clamoring masses seeking other peoples money and freedom! I've been a Constitutionalist all my adult life, standing on the bridge shouting No! Go Back! The genius of our founders and the only way a democratic republic can survive is by strictly limiting government to NOT stealing from us nor from each other. That is the sole purpose of government. My demand of youngsters today? Refuse to pay ONE DIME of the debt your parents and grand parents incurred. It will likely mean your blood, as you must pay the price of a bad legacy. Better to die fighting than live under communism.

Mike Smith

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Institutional evil engulfs us all. How many opposed Roe v. Wade 45 years ago? A friend and I tried for a year to get priests and ministers to lead rescues at the abortion mills when we were doing them in the 70s. No luck except one Episcopal minister who was willing if he was joined by others. How long could abortion survive if the government had to arrest and incarcerate hundreds of thousands of people instead of a few dozen? Most people just shrugged.

How many of us also shrug over the increasing pornography in TV ads? How many have stopped going to McDonalds and Burger King since the ad showing the clown and the king in a homosexual kiss?

How many still shop on Amazon? (Mea culpa!)

I recognize my own culpability in the institutional evil sinking this country. I'm curious hat my being a white woman has to do with it. Can you enlighten me?