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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Wake Up, People, Antifa Was Very Much Involved in the Capitol Violence!

We need men in the image of St. Joseph, the just man, to calm the violence.

Trump Supporters Tried to Stop the Vandalism on the south Side of the Capitol. Check out the video and listen to the real Trump supporters booing and shouting, "No Antifa! No Antifa!...Stop it!..." See for yourself the Trump supporter trying to keep one rioter from breaking the windows. He may have been the man interviewed by LifeSiteNews describing what happened. The identity of that individual is disguised on LSN for obvious reasons. 

You heard, no doubt, what happened to singer Ariel Pink for just being at the rally practicing his first amendment constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. He never went near the Capitol, in fact, but returned to his hotel after the rally on the ellipse to take a nap. 

That didn't protect him from doxing by hundreds of so-called "news" outlets falsely placing him in the Capitol mob. The impact? He's been dropped by his record label and he and his family are receiving death threats from the loving and tolerant left. 

Remember, you Biden voters, especially if you happen to be white. You are guilty based on the color of your skin and, if you say that you aren't a white supremacist racist, that just proves you are one! Do you think your liberalism will save you? You're dreaming! They're saving you a seat at the reeducation camp

One piece of good news, though: radical BLM activist John Sullivan has been arrested. Somehow I doubt he's getting death threats. In fact, the left will probably offer him bail like Kamala Harris did for all the looters and vandals destroying cities around the country for the past six months! Sullivan  was at the forefront of the Capitol invasion and did everything he could to stir up the crowd to commit violence. Rudy Giuliani gives a detailed account of Sullivan's actions using the man's own video here. The left is pooh-poohing Sullivan's involvement -- surprise! -- but how many other BLM/ANTIFA provocateurs were in the mob masquerading as Trump supporters? No doubt the rap sheets will reveal a good many.

I have no doubt many Trump folks participated in the mob and entered the Capitol. There are hotheads and moral eunuchs in every movement.  I pray none of them were involved in killing the Capitol police officer, Brian Sicknick, a Knight of Columbus and Catholic conservative.  And, of course, there is a mob mentality that often takes over when the adrenaline kicks in causing even sensible people to temporarily lose their minds. I've written about it before citing the 19th century study on crowd behavior by Gustave le Bon.

Mob action even happened at Fatima after the little shepherd children were kidnapped. The Communist mayor returned the children to the local rectory after several days. The people were already stirred up against the pastor who was ambivalent and somewhat hostile to the apparitions. When they saw the children on the rectory porch, it confirmed their opinion that the priest was involved, and they actually threatened him with violence. The Communist mayor who kidnapped the children was also in physical danger from the crowd.

Who defused the situation? Jacinta and Francisco's father and Lucia's uncle, Manuel (Ti) Marto. In his book, The Youngest Prophet, Christopher Rengers, OFM Cap. compares Ti Marto to St. Joseph and describes his intervention:

Tempers flared in Fatima on the 13th when it was found out that the children had been abducted. They flared again on the 15th, the feastday of the Assmption, when some of the young men saw the Administrator. The anger had been such on the 13th and the parish priest was so suspected of being an accomplice of the Administrator, that he found it necessary to deny publicly any complicity in the abduction of the children....The pastor understood that his life had been in danger. He owed a good bit of the "calming of the exited spirits" to Ti Marto. On the 15th the Administrator also owed his life in all probability to Jacinta and Francisco's father. After the feastday Mass the people were crowding around Ti Marto, asking if he knew where the children were. Reports had them in Santarem. Just then somebody spied the children on the porch of the parish hous. Ti Marto does not know how he got there.

"The first thing I knew," he says, "I was holding and hugging my Jacinta. I can even remember that I picked her up and held her in my right arm....

Excitement at seeing the children again brought on a resurgence of resentment against their abductor....[Ti Marto] "called down to the people in the square, 'Be quiet all of you! You are shouting against the Mayor, and you are shouting against [the pastor]....This trouble, I tell you, comes from a lack of faith in God, and that is why He permits it.'"....

The Administrator arrived and showed himself to the people. Ti Marto assured the crowd all was in order; the children were safe. Later the Administrator invited him to have a drink at the tavern. Ti Marto refused, but when he saw young men with cudgels, he decided it best to be seen on a friendly basis with the Administrator. He went along for the glass of wine. The Administrator raised his voice so bystanders could hear: 'You can be sure I treated them well.'"

Those who know the story of Fatima recognize the Administrator's lie. Not only did he throw the children in a cell with adult prisoners, but he threatened them with being boiled in oil. But those are the tactics of a Communist bully so who can be surprised? The end justifies the means no matter how evil. 

And that is what we are seeing now as the Democrats take power and begin their politics of revenge against all conservatives, especially Trump supporters. The left bullies, makes death threats, calls people Nazis and Fascists (and white supremacists, racists, misogynists, homophobes -- well, you get the idea). As a freedom loving people, we are in for it. The exposure of Jack Dorsey's plan to censor those with whom he disagrees shows exactly where this modern Joseph Goebbels is headed. 

It is definitely time to carry your rosary, not using it as a prop to show how devout you are while you advocate murdering babies, but really praying it. Let's not allow one day to go by without "telling our beads" to bring about Mary's peace plan from heaven. The storm may rage around us, but we can maintain peace in our hearts with love for our enemies.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

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M. Prodigal said...

As Fr. Kirby cried out to those who voted for the marxist ones: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! I have a number of hate filled 'catholic' relatives and I pray for their conversions.